Clothes shopping fail

This  is what we were up to a year ago.  Happy first anniversary to my youngest children, Ro and Dora.

Although it was such a happy day and I was determined that no sad thoughts would mar it, the fact is that it was only just over three weeks since Russell had died and a week after his funeral.  I hadn’t told you that he’d died then, not here – I had written to a number of you individually, but I wasn’t ready to let go of this as my happy place.  It couldn’t go on, of course, impossible to pretend for long.

Today, I had very mixed feelings and I didn’t want to stay here alone, so I decided to go shopping.  First, I went to Yagnub, bought a chocolate fudge cake at the deli (and cheese, a tart and some patum peperium), then I bought a card, filled the car with diesel, beastly stuff (always get it on my hands, even when i wear disposable gloves) and drove over to their house, to give them the card and cake.

After I left them, I went into Norwich.  Well.  Not a lot of nice clothes, I have to say.  It was all so dull.  I had money burning a hole in my pocket, as they say, and would have bought whole lots, from a coat to underwear, with everything in between, if I’d liked it – but I didn’t even try anything on.  So I went off to Chapelfield Gardens to see Roses and Lawrence, who were running a coffee stall at the food festival.  I had a crispy duck wrap for lunch and then hit the food tent.  Half an hour later, i staggered out with several bags of goodies, including half a dozen bottles of Norfolk wines – not absolutely sure about the pinot noir, but I’ll give it a fair crack.

This evening, I’ve eaten the tart (Roquefort, pine nuts and spinach) and a slice of lovely, chewy sourdough bread, and about a pound of nuts – that is, i haven’t eaten a pound of nuts, I’ve discarded the shells, but I simply cannot resist fresh cobnuts or walnuts and I’ve pigged out.

I’m not easily discouraged and I wanted to buy clothes, so i called in at the little dress shop in Yagnub on the way home and I’ve bought a dress, a pair of jeans and a stripy, long sleeved, teeshirt.  I really do still need a new coat, though.  And underwear.  I haven’t bought a single garment, except shoes, for fourteen months, and then that was my wedding outfit – which used a normal year’s budget in one go, frankly.

Early night, darlings.  I’ve been awake since 5.  I’ll let Eloise out, feed Roses’ cat Rummy, make a cup of tea and head for bed with the papers.  I chuck ’em on the floor when I’ve read them and clear up every couple of days.  Good job I sleep alone, I have a pile of books and papers next to me on the bed, and a pile of discarded ones on the floor.  I don’t care.

5 comments on “Clothes shopping fail

  1. 63mago

    All the best for the newlyweds !

    Norfolk wines ? Plural, too ? I confess that I am a bit sceptic …. Not that it wouldn’t be possible, and surely Franconia (and some other minor regions in Europe) have no privilege …. Looking forward for your review, dear Z. I only hope it’s no acetic strangler … (We know this vineyard site as “Kissinger Bahndamm” around here, helps against rusty wheel bolts too & is a hefty insult.)

    1. Z Post author

      They were all from one vineyard, they grow several varieties of grape. English wine can be pretty good, but Norfolk is probably about as far north as you’ll get. I’m giving the red a chance, but I’m a bit sceptical too. Still, I bought six bottles for the price of five, so I’ll count the whites at full price and the two reds at only costing a fiver, just in case I end up using them as paint stripper!

  2. Liz

    I think my loathing for all types of shopping is well documented. When it comes to buying clothes and shoes, I am very easily discouraged and if I don’t find anything in the first hour, I lose interest. I have been known to attempt clothes shopping expeditions to Norwich, partly because there are more shops there but also because it is a long way to go so I have more motivation to actually buy something so as not to make it a wasted trip. Nine years ago, I went all the way to Norwich in search of an outfit for my brother’s wedding (I may have blogged about this at the time) and, despite spending all day there, I came home with only a bag of chocolate brazil nuts that I had bought at Norwich station.

    Happy anniversary to Ro and Dora.

    1. Z Post author

      I’m very much the same, sometimes it only takes ten dispiriting minutes to put me off. My mother and I went to London for my wedding clothes, came back with nothing and then bought my wedding dress for £5 in Great Yarmouth – even 42 years ago, this was a cheap dress. I usually came back with books instead of clothes.

  3. dinahmow

    I lack the “shopping gene.” And I will not go dress shopping with anyone. I do groceries on auto pilot and the lovely young chap in the wine shop knows what I’m there for.


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