Z faces the music*

I finally finished getting the photographs ready for the auction catalogue, uploaded them to Google Drive and sent them off to Weeza, who was very pleased that I’d done it well enough that she was able to just paste them straight into their places.  I’ve had several failed attempts at the front catalogue – a teapot, a vase, a ram and a coffee cup are what I’d like to go on there, but I haven’t got the composition right and I’m not sure that they will all work together.  I’m going to leave it for another day.

I’ve got yet another letter to write to governors, following a meeting this morning, and I’ve got the agenda for the next meeting to work on.  The man who’s taking over from me as Chairman has to have an operation, which will take a while to get over, so I’m not stepping quite as far down as I’d planned.  There will be two Vice-chairs and I’ll be one of them.  That will be fine, the three of us will share out jobs between us and I’m sure it’ll all run well.  There’s an awful lot to do, but I still should be able to leave at the end of July, I think.  I’d meant to just fade away so that my absence would not really be noticed at all, but that’s to be tweaked – but only to be supportive and make sure that everything will be covered once I’ve left.  I’m pretty good at letting go, I will feel able to move on and not miss it too much.

My piano tuner came yet again today – the pianola has been re-strung and re-felted and completely overhauled, and it’s taking a long time to really settle down.  While it’s in tune, I play it happily, if not very well (I’ll never be a good pianist again, I’m afraid) but, as soon as its tuning starts to slip, I don’t want to play it, yet that’s what it needs.  I must persevere.  I must also get my clarinet tuned, which i’ve been saying for ages – it’s really a priority now.  There’s nowhere near enough music in my life and I have no one to blame but myself for that.  I haven’t had time for a holiday since my week on the boat at the end of April and, though I managed to get down to Zig for a few days to fetch Eloise and to Mike and Ann for a lovely overnight break, I haven’t been able to spare time for more than the odd night visiting Weeza and co.  Last year, I hardly went to any Nadfas lectures, I only went to one concert in the winter and none since, I haven’t been to the cinema and only to the theatre once, though I’ve got another visit coming up next month and I’ve only visited one museum once.  None of this is good at all – I can’t consider a real holiday for quite some time yet, I’m far too busy, but I must start putting enjoyment much higher on my priority list.  As I said the other day, I hope to start with this.

*Moonlight is a possibility, but none of the other things.

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  1. Tim

    I’d wrongly assumed that that Sinatra album must contain that song, but it doesn’t. (What was Frankie thinking of to omit it?!) Never mind, my point stands.


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