Five and a bonus

At a meeting in the village pub last week, I found myself inviting everyone round for coffee on Wednesday.  I must have been out of my mind.  That means I’ll have to get the hoover out and tidy up.  It’ll have to be tomorrow, I’ve got things on on Tuesday.

I’ve got a letter from my solicitor that I haven’t opened yet (it arrived on Friday – yes, I know, and I’m not making any excuse).  Once I do, I’ll have to get on with the paperwork I promised to do a month ago.  I’m not actually coping as well as I look as if I am.  I can only cope if I don’t deal with the stuff that panics me – oddly, this includes paying cheques into the bank.  I’ve got a small stack of the things.  However, living expenses have diminished (I know some things Russell spent money on, but he clearly had more secrets than I realised) and I’m still solvent.

Today – five positives.

1 I wore my new dress.

2 Playing the organ and piano regularly is paying off.  I am never going to be a good organist (or pianoist*) but at least I play with a  certain panache.

3 When I went out in the rain to get the chickens in, the sensible 11 week old chicks had gone inside their run already.  I gave them lots of food.  The daft adult bantams hadn’t, only two of them were indoors and I had to chase the rest in.  Two stayed out, one returned later but the other daft bugger is still out and she will have to spend the night outside.

4 I bathed the tortoises and they enjoyed it.  Bathing tortoises is very good for them.  They ate lots afterwards, which is also good, as I want them to eat for the next month, before fasting as a preparation for hibernation.

5 Because it was chilly and raining, I lit the fire this afternoon.  Then I read the paper until I felt sleepy and then had a nap.  This is a good thing.  I love an afternoon nap, but rarely have one.  I was awake for four hours in the night, so it was good to catch up a bit.

6 – ooh, a bonus!  I prepared some pre-dinner nibbles to such good effect that I kept on with them and didn’t bother with dinner.  I may have post-pre-dinner nibbles again later, though.


*Yes, I know

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  1. jane

    Just caught up – you really must go to that fair. Friends of mine went for their 25th anniversary and came back with the most beautiful candlesticks. Seriously covetable. As she said, it was just wonderful to go somewhere and be surrounded by beautiful objects.


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