Chicks better scurry

Amazingly, Foster has managed to hatch a chick which has survived. She needed a bit of encouragement though.
I went out this morning, fed and let out the hens and fed Polly Garter and her chick. When I checked Foster, I could hear a cheeping from under her, so I went back to the house to ask for LT’s help. The chick was wandering about when we returned so Tim held the lid and I picked up mother and baby and put them in the coop.
Later, Foster was still more focussed on sitting on the eggs than warming up her baby, so I had to tuck the chick under her. That did the trick and all has been well since.
it’s a nuisance to have two hens, each with one chick, but never mind. Polly Garter and Foster are happy and the chicks are alive.
Wince turned up this morning and he’s done an incredible amount of work. Mostly mowing, but he also put heaps of muck down, ready to plant squash plants into. I started mulching all around and he spent his final half hour finishing the job. Tim and I also dealt with the tubs and pots near the door, removing old compost and replacing it, ready to plant out the summer flowers that I’ve been bringing on in the greenhouse. A cold night is forecast but, I hope, it’ll be the last. Planting out over the next few days, followed by watering and weeding for several months. Gardeners are masochists at heart.

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    1. Z Post author

      I’m getting on with it more this year, of course – it’s satisfying but I’ve got a lot of garden. Still, I kept up pretty well without Wince, though glad he’s done most of the mowing. He’s a rather over-enthusiastic weeder and takes out most of the plants whether they’re weeds or not. I have to point out everything I want kept. So he’s better kept for the heavy work, which he prefers. I hate weeding, unfortunately.


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