Celebrating another blog party

Lovely bloggers and ex-bloggers and other halves of bloggers and family members came along and the weather was more than kind again.  Some of our friends who usually come were much missed, but there’s always another year and it’s not easy at all to find a date that suits everyone.

Every year, this event draws my attention to how much I value all of you; whether you’ve ever blogged or not, whether you comment, whether I’ve met you yet.  It’s been remarkably friendly and it’s so much my gain.  You’re lovely, and thank you.

We have been given a large bottle of home-made scrumpy, with a warning not to drink it all at once.  Woo hoo.  Cheers.

4 comments on “Celebrating another blog party

  1. Friko

    What, a real life, non virtual party? Sounds wonderful. How many bloggers live within your physical catchment area? we had a get-together once with bloggers living on or near the Welsh borders but I think a lot of them have stopped blogging.

  2. Z Post author

    We raised one to you, Di!

    Hello Friko, welcome – yes, this has become an annual event at my house, I think this was the eighth. People have come from a long way away – Di herself was on holiday from Australia, staying with another blogger in Wiltshire and they both came here five years ago. There are several people who come, if they are free, who live in East Anglia – 8 or 10 couples, I should think. and a few individuals. There were just five bloggy couples this time, plus Tim and me and one of my sons and his wife and little boy – sometimes we’re in the teens and sometimes there are over thirty of us and several people come to stay. I think it’s lovely that people come and meet each other so willingly, when we only know each other through blogs.

  3. Liz

    I look forward to our annual visit to the Norfolk border. It was a lovely afternoon and thanks to you and Tim as ever for making us all so welcome.


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