All work and no play – isn’t the Z way

I was excessively pleased with myself, which I know is not an attractive characteristic.  I managed to fit all my appointments into two hours, and was home four hours after I left – the most interesting thing to me of all this was that I’ve signed my tax returns, don’t have anything more to pay this year and am due a sizeable rebate.  This is because of very heavy expenses, but they’ve been paid and so a rebate feels like a bonus … sort of.  Well, one has to look for the positive.

And, after lunch, I napped.  It’s siesta weather, after all.  Now, at 10.30pm, it’s still 22º out there and it’s forecast to reach the mid 30s by the end of the week.  I  think I might nod off every afternoon this week


2 comments on “All work and no play – isn’t the Z way

    1. Z Post author

      All the expenses were the alarming part to me, last year and the beginning of this year were deeply shocking, I haven’t gained anything at all really – just not paying tax on income I didn’t get! But my sympathies … I don’t mind paying taxes, they’re necessary and I am content to pay my share, I just wish the government wasn’t so incompetent that the money is wasted.


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