When the phone app suggests the temperature is 40º, Z stays indoors

We had a lovely couple of days when Rose’s family from Trinidad came to stay.  Her brother visited last year and he came again with his wife and children.  We’ve got plenty of spare bedrooms, so Rose is welcome to use them for overflow guests.

Eloise cat was the hit of the visit.  She is never unfriendly but sometimes, when there are a lot of people, she keeps out of the way.  However, she really took to all of them – they’re cat lovers, dog lovers, they adore their pets.  Eloise sat on each of them in turn and was gently adorable.  And they are too, we like them very much.

It’s been too hot to be outside much, though I’ve had to go and water the greenhouse and pots, and I put the sprinkler on for an hour in the chicken greenhouse to humidify the air and bring down the temperature.  Each time I came in, I relished the cool house for a few minutes, and then sweltered again.  I even had a shower, darlings, and I don’t do that lightly.  My hair is still damp, which is a pleasure.  There might be a thunderstorm later – that is, it’s forecast but we take nothing for granted any more.  It could go all round us and leave us out.  Or we might get a flood.

We relax, anyway.  There isn’t really much option.  I’m glad the blog party was last week, anyway – the weather was easier than this.

2 comments on “When the phone app suggests the temperature is 40º, Z stays indoors

    1. Z Post author

      We had an hour’s steady shower last night and it’s fresher today, though more rain was forecast and it hasn’t arrived. The forecast is mid-twenties next week, much easier to work in!


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