Cats are home

The mother, a daughter and two sons are back home, having been neutered, but I still have to catch the remaining kitten by friday.  All a bit fraught, but good so far.  I’m afraid that the adult cat was pregnant, which doesn’t surprise me as the big tabby was chasing her a couple of weeks ago.

Enough about that – I needed a break, so asked Ro if he would be free for lunch, and he was, so we had a nice meal out together as a birthday treat, a mere ten days late … I gave him a camera for his bike and a kilo of very good Belgian liquorice.

I’d had to book train tickets to London for Weeza and me, for Friday – I had to do it as four separate trips, as we could choose our departure time, from different stations, but needed open returns for each of us.  Only a few months ago, one could print out the tickets, but they’ve withdrawn that, I don’t know why, so I had to opt for printing them at the station.  But we would be at two different stations and one needs the credit card that has paid for them, ie mine – so I opted for Norwich station and went to get them.

Four journeys meant four different reference numbers, with the card having to be registered each separate time.  Really, quite annoying.  And the tickets seem quite random, some are in two parts and some not, some are just receipts – I’ve got ten cards and I’m really a bit puzzled about it all.  Still, I suppose it’s okay and I’ve got the details of it all on my phone in case it’s queried.  I still haven’t completed the paperwork – got it all in order, but want to do a timeline for my and the judge’s ease of reference.  I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but I’ll be in court on Friday.  I’m not being prosecuted, darlings, but someone is trying to wriggle out of a court order and I have to contest that.  Bit cheesed off, frankly.

Roses did the decent thing this evening and helped me with the major part of a bottle of wine, and I’m going to slope off to bed soon, because I didn’t sleep a lot last night and I think I’m due a catch-up.  I felt better once four of five cats were at the vet, it’s a great relief.

Tomorrow, I really must phone about getting the gas tank filled.  It’s a bit never-ending, innit?

7 comments on “Cats are home

  1. Pontillius

    You “. . . . gave him a camera for his bike and a kilo of very good Belgian liquorice.” That’s not a bad exchange. I wish I could swop my bike for a something, I’m too old for it now; I keep running into people!

    1. Z Post author

      A camera for use when riding his bike, dear heart – I suspect you knew just what was meant! Unfortunately, it’s only too easy to run into people when on a bike – they often drive or walk right out in front of a bicycle because they don’t see it.

  2. tontowilliams

    I’ve never understood why you seem to get more “tickets” than you actually need when you collect them from the station machines, even if for just a simple journey.

    Good luck on Friday!

    1. Z Post author

      For about three years, one could print the ticket at home and I don’t know why they’ve withdrawn that option. And thank you.

  3. 63mago

    It may have been a bit unpleasant, but it was the right thing to catch them and have them operated – you can not have a growing flock of wild cats around yourself & the bantams.
    Glad to see that Roses is one to rely on 🙂 I’m sure you printed what is necessary to print – you’ll be allowed on the train, at least … Good luck in court, coram iudice et in alto mari sumus in manu Dei. Halting & clumsy Latin I know, but there’s a bit of truth in it.

    1. Z Post author

      Just a preliminary hearing, as it turned out and we have to keep going on this, unless we settle out of court. I found him an obnoxious fellow and I’m unlikely to concede much.


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