Catching up

If I don’t write, it’s because I’m too tired in the evening.  I think I’m getting too old to be as busy as I am, but there’s nothing to be done about it right now – either the ageing or the busyness.

Down to the old bullet points, I think –

  • I couldn’t catch the kitten on Thursday afternoon, so I phoned to cancel the appointment/.  Of course, in the evening, all five cats happily fed in the trap, once it was too late.
  • Mother cat has forgiven me and they all, except the unoperated one, are much tamer now.
  • The legal thing could drag on and on.  I just hope that the silly, obnoxious man will see reason and not antagonise me any more.
  • Darling Charlotte called in for a cup of tea this morning and stayed for a late lunch.
  • The final batch of eggs has hatched – or rather, six of eight eggs had hatched by this afternoon.
  • Simon – Eddie2Sox, that is – is coming to visit tomorrow.  He will bring sausages.
  • I am more fed up with chicks than I would have thought likely.  I will find homes for them, or nearly all of them, and I will get rid of the cockerel.  I can’t do this again.

2 comments on “Catching up

    1. Z Post author

      Pretty scrawny, bantams, they don’t have a lot of meat on them and he’ll be tough. I don’t think I’ll bother with the coq au vin.


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