Cat scan

I spoke too soon in regard to Eloise cat. She sneezed a lot over the weekend and then she developed a snuffly cough. Yesterday, I phoned the vet and they were able to fit us in at 2.30

The good thing is that her chest is clear and she doesn’t seem to be actually ill. There is no reason to think she has had an allergic reaction to anything and, though her eye is rather runny, there does not appear to be an infection – though the antibiotic injection she had last Thursday is still effective. I feel it’s quite likely that she has inhaled something, maybe a feather or some fluff, and it got lodged somewhere in her trachea and is maybe now in a sinus, but I’m guessing. Her leg joint is still rather clicky. As we have an appointment for Thursday morning – tomorrow, that is – we won’t feed her breakfast and they may decide to admit her and give her a proper examination under anaesthetic. I say I won’t feed her in the morning, but actually she’s almost stopped eating. She’s quite miserable, though not really ill.

There always must be some good news though and, in this case, it’s that Tim’s driving licence is being returned. He’d been told it was worth applying in six months, though they might have insisted on twelve. A clean bill of health from the doctors, following his MRI scan, has done the job. He’s just had this verbally so far, so is keeping an eye on the DVLA website to know when he’s officially back in the driving seat.

As it happens, I have decided not to be quite so lazy as I have been recently, and have taken my bike in to be serviced. It needs new tyres and a general overhaul. I also need a lesson in using the foot pump to pump up the tyres – I’ve never mastered fixing it to the valve. Tim had a go yesterday and he couldn’t do it either. So I had to walk the bike into town, as it wouldn’t fit in the back of the car, rather annoyingly. Still, the mile or so over the Dam (in these parts, this is a road over a flood plain/water meadows) is a pleasant stroll and I enjoyed it enough to do it again today. Parking in the town is not easy and it gives a feeling of satisfaction to sail past those searching for a space, fasten the bike to a post and stroll on into the shops. I used to walk a lot before I had bad hips, but now I’m disinclined to carry all my shopping home, so bicycle it is.

2 comments on “Cat scan

  1. Mike and Ann.

    I’m so glad to hear that Tim’s Driving licence is about to be renewed. We both gave up our bicycles a few years ago as well, and although we both miss them, we can quite see the wisdom of it. One of us (no names – no pack drill) will become an octogenarian next birthday (how these things sneak up on us), and the possibilities become steadily more circumscribed- long winded way to describe the unpleasant details of aging!

    1. Z Post author

      You both look and behave so young – but age does creep up and there’s no denying it. I’m a child of 65, so still feel able to cycle.


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