Rah for RasPutin

I will catch up with those photos, but I didn’t sleep after all, the night before last, so I didn’t feel like doing much yesterday.

Eloise cat is rather better, but we can’t tell if it’s because she’s in less pain because of the medicine or because she’s healing. She’s more mobile and more agile, but still limps and is resting a good deal. But at least she’s quite cheerful and affectionate, and is being patient.

The weather is frankly rubbish and I haven’t done a thing in the garden. I’ve got sweetcorn and runner beans to plant out, but that’s not happening yet. Much as I love growing vegetables, I have become disheartened and I do wonder if I can be bothered for much longer. Enthusiasm lessens over the years.

I had said to LT yesterday that RasPutin, the feral tomcat and father of our barn cats, hadn’t been about for a couple of months. I wasn’t actually concerned about him, taking the view that he comes when he’s hungry, but I know that eventually he’ll just disappear for good and I’ll never know what happened. And then he was there yesterday morning, waiting outside the chicken’s greenhouse when I let them out, asking for breakfast. I greeted him affectionately and he stood on his hind legs to be cuddled. Then I had to put out extra food because he pushed the other cats out of the way. So he’d evidently had a poor night’s hunting, but he looks healthy and not thin. I haven’t seen him since, but that doesn’t matter.

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