A bit gloomy at the Zedery

Well, we had the results we were expecting, hoped not to have but they aren’t the worst they could be. In short, Eloise has a cruciate rupture and it’s quite badly gone, with evidence that it’s been damaged for some time before it finally tore. So an operation is clearly the best option. She will have to be pretty well immobile for three months, so I’m checking out cages that will be big enough for a litter tray and living quarters.

Her sneezing is nothing to do with anything inhaled, but down to cat flu. She has tonsillitis. It’s not too bad – an antibiotic injection a week ago was fortuitous, and no further treatment is required. It’s totally coincidental, nothing to do with the leg problem.

The local vet can operate on the cruciate ligament, but a specialist orthopaedic vet will be better. As our vet Louise explained, their practice might do one or two a month, but Shane in Ipswich does two or more a day. Success is pretty well guaranteed, as long as the aftercare is right.

We’re anxious, but we’ll do the best possible, so it’s the operation and an incarcerated summer and we hope Eloise cat will cope reasonably well.

Think of Rose and her darling Dave (aka Lawrence). He has a broken humerus and will be operated on tomorrow morning. It’s pretty serious, in his state of health, so we can only trust the doctors and hope.

4 comments on “A bit gloomy at the Zedery

  1. Martina

    Eloise the cat is so sweet. The toughest part for everyone will be her post op recovery phase and making sure she doesn’t overdo .
    Thinking of Rosé and David and hope his surgery goes extremely well.

  2. Z Post author

    Thank you all. Eloise cat is booked in for her op and Dave has had his. Update tomorrow- early night for me!


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