Tomorrow and tomorrow

Clearly, when I say tomorrow, I mean sometime in the future. I use my phone nearly all the time I need the internet, yet I prefer to blog via the computer, so I don’t always get here.

Dave had his operation successfully, and they hope he’ll come home tomorrow – Tuesday, that is.

Eloise cat has nearly shaken off her flu. She just sneezed over Tim – this is a little after 9pm – having hardly sneezed all day; and her eyes and nose have been fine. She’s eating normally, so I don’t have to squirt her painkillers into her mouth but can put the liquid on her food.

The very good news is that she loves her new cage. We bought a four foot long dog crate – she is going to have to live in it for three months (it’s the length of the crate rather than the dog, as you well know). We’ve set it up, leaving the door open, and she was investigating it within minutes. You know how curious cats are, reputedly – they are in fact. We fed her in there yesterday and, today, I put a duvet cover in there for her to walk on, and an old woollen jumper of mine for a bed. Within minutes, she was having a nap on it. The tricky bit will be that she will have to have her litter tray in the same space, which will not come naturally to her. So I’ve bought a covered one. Once she’s happy with using it in the cloakroom, I’ll put the cat flap on it and, once she’s learned that, I’ll put it in the cage. We are not letting her outdoors at all. Now she’s feeling better, she asks to go out, but we don’t let her. The other thing I’m doing is weighing her food, so I know how much she eats. She will be almost immobile for three months and she needs to lose a bit of weight, not gain it. Trying to find out how much to give her, ideally, isn’t easy though. Guidelines on wet and dry food are for that food only, not a mixture.

Having taken my bike in to be serviced, I popped in on Friday morning to ask when it would be ready. Later in the afternoon – but the weather was iffy, so I said I’d come by the next day. But Saturday brought somewhat challenging weather – it could turn from bright sunshine to a sharp hailstorm and then back again within minutes. There was also a chilly wind – I did not want to cycle in it, even though it’s not much over a mile – the road is open to fields on each side and quite exposed. So I dropped in to pay the bill, buy a new pump and arrange that I’d fetch it when the weather improves. Sometime in August, perhaps… Anyway, it’s got two new wheels and inner tyres, I hope it has new handlebar grips and the brakes etc have been serviced. I’ve spent enough to be quite keen to get my money’s worth.

Dave’s sister Sue is staying with us at present, and she will come through for a chat before bed soon. They’re all being stalwart, Dave too. Life continues.

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  1. Martina

    I highly recommend those inflatable collars instead of the cones for pets post op. Kippy used it for a few days after her spay and wasn’t as uncomfortable as she would have been with the cone.


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