Bringing on the wall, Day 39 – Pillar of Dave

Dave brought along his camera, with its wide-angled lens, to take a picture of the whole length of the completed wall.

Today, I didn’t add much to the next section.  I was putting in some plants, a mixture of flowers and veggies.  A work in progress, as you see – and, although some of them are perennials, they will be taken out in the autumn, even those that are to be put back in the same place, because the whole bed needs to be thoroughly manured and, so far, I’m just putting in a few spadesful under each plant.

I’ve just realised that the pic is on the huh.  My photos are always on the huh, I don’t do straight.  It’s not the wall, which is totally upright.

These are the few bricks that I did lay, and you’ll see that (it being a joining-up section) even if I can’t do upright, I can do level.

Dave, of course, is both upright and on the level.  He laid a few more bricks, but I was slaving in the kitchen by then and, as I went out after lunch, I didn’t take a picture of the finished section.  I’ll do it in the next few days, before our next work morning.

This afternoon, I went with Weeza, Al, Squiffany and Pugsley to the theatre, to a production of Snow White on ice.  A mixture of ballet, skating and acrobatics, it was both remarkable and very enjoyable.  Dilly was working today so couldn’t come (not to waste the ticket, Al shut up shop early and joined us) and so she is going tomorrow with her sister Deepa.

Afterwards, we scooped up Ro and all went out for a meal.  So the Sage had a double treat – a peaceful afternoon and dinner out.  He thanks you for your birthday wishes.  Now, I shall join him in bed for a cuddle before sleep.

All them phootoos is on the huh*, I’ve just noticed.  Heh.

*As we say in Norfolk

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