Z embraces the vuvuzela

Yes, really.  I’ve come to get the fact that those who are moaning are, let’s face it, grumpy old darlings and so I’ve gone the other way.  I don’t mind in the least being old and I love being part of the grey community (though I’m only a little bit grey, and only on my head at that) but I’m not going to be grumpy or complain about the “youth of today” or anything like that.  So, I’ve listened to vuvuzelas until they embody the spirit of jollity.  Wonderfully, with my change in attitude, they don’t even give me a headache any longer.  So I’ve switched on tonight’s match.  I wish they had had the Algerian team introduce themselves as the English did though – I am completely non-partisan in these matters and appreciative of Good Play.

A terrific music lesson this morning.  I had to leave a bit early in fact, as I had a meeting with the Head, but the first part of the lesson was playing djembe drums and the class ended up playing two different tricky rhythms (one in 3/4 and one in 4/4) simultaneously, really well.  And then they added the agogo bells and it sounded wonderful.  They really concentrated – at this stage, three bars in one rhythm and the fourth in another – and no one made any mistakes or played up and I, not playing at this time (sometimes I do join in but it seemed mean to take away a drum!), applauded enthusiastically at the end.

Anyway, darlings, I’d hate to take you away from the football, so I’ll let you go.  Have a lovely evening, and please do something entirely frivolous.

18 comments on “Z embraces the vuvuzela

  1. Z

    Oh Dave, are you watching Inspector George Gently, instead?

    Albert Camus was a footballer wasn’t he? – I think he was a goalkeeper – so I did know that much.

  2. Gledwood

    EVERYBODY is watching England v Algeria… someone is trying to blast on a vuvu down my local pub. Very inexpertly, I have to say…

    You’re lucky not to have one in your house… or did I speak too soon…

    ps I cannot believe we drew against the USA. I did notice the commentators weren’t too upbeat about our chances. They’re right not to have too much faith in the English team… I certainly don’t. And I don’t get, with hardly the tawdriest selection of players, why we have to be so crap… Honestly I think Armageddon will come before we ever win the World Cup again

  3. savannah

    we’ve taken to watching on the older tv that i can mute and close captioning kicks in! but then again, i am reveling in being a greying old lady this week, sugar!;~) i might feel differently next week! xoxoxoxox

  4. Roses

    I watched murder and mayhem instead. Not a footie fan. If I was going to be forced to watch a game that included men and balls, it would have to be rugby and include alcohol in the bribery.

  5. Christopher

    I watched it with a French commentary that was so pro-Algerian (not surprising given the huge north African presence in France) that this alone probably accounts for the English failure to shine.

    Camus played for Algeria? Don’t think so. But Vilem Tausky (60s/70s popular orchestral concert conductor) apparently played in goal for Czecho, while Julio Iglesias played for Real Madrid. They’ll have you playing for Yagnub Detinu yet on the strength of your clarinet playing.

  6. 63mago

    Ah, and after a quick glance on the results I think we will see the final USA vs North Korea while Swiss and Greece will battle for the third? The European favourits seem to take some lessons.

  7. Z

    Chris, darling, I said that he played in Algeria, not for the country. I should have made it clearer, but I knew what I meant. I think that ill health made him give it up, a memory from 38 years ago says TB but Mago will correct me if I’m wrong.

    I’d love for some real underdogs to win through to, and win, the final stages. At least it should give rise to some interesting games.

    No score, Dave, though I expect you’ve heard that by now. England didn’t shine, they were too afraid to risk giving away goals. Algeria did better.

    I’ve found a free vuvu app (I know, LZM, it sounds awfully rude, doesn’t it?) for my iPhone. I’m contemplating downloading it.


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