Blog Party preparations -take two.

That is very peculiar.  I wrote a post about the blog party, posted it, linked to it on Facebook and, later, Liz, Kippy and Helen left comments.  And I came to reply to them but now it’s vanished and so have their comments.  I haven’t deleted it, but it’s gone.  Tim says that google is showing him a cached copy, however, so he’s going to copy and email it to me.

And he has and so I’ll repost it – with apologies if you’ve read it already.  I wondered why more people hadn’t replied.

Blog Party preparations.

It’s just a fortnight to the blog party.  I’ve started by buying wine and ordering some of the food – after all, food and the people are all that really matter – but I also need to plan where stayers-over are going to sleep.  If I haven’t already promised you accommodation, I think I can only offer a place to put a camp bed or a tent, but I’ll know better once I’ve confirmed numbers – the odd sofa may be brought into play as it is, I think.  I’ve got large bedrooms, but only five of them.

I can’t put a full list of guests up  because I know some of you are concerned about home security and don’t want it known you’ll be away.  So please will you confirm, and also remind me about any dietary needs?  I think I’ve got it all fairly clear, but several people are coming who haven’t visited before, so I want to get it right.  Also, of course, a few of you need my address!  My email is on the sidebar, or write to me on Facebook.  If I don’t hear from people I think are coming, in the next few days, I’ll contact you if I can, but I don’t have everyone’s email.  And, if you haven’t yet said but would like to join us, you’re very welcome.

For anyone who doesn’t know the background, the first party was held to celebrate the building of the garden wall by Dave East, my late husband and me.  It had been constructed over two summers and I took a photo every day we worked on it and wrote a blog post about it.  Most of the guests were blog friends whom I hadn’t met in person, there have been new friends come every year since – not everyone has been every year, of course – and, though blogging doesn’t have the pull that it used to, it still has its community, even among those who don’t actually blog any more, or who never did but sometimes read them.  And I’ve ‘met’ more people on Facebook, too.  Several new guests are coming, some of whom know each other, but I promise you that everyone is really friendly and it truly doesn’t matter if you don’t know a soul.  Nor if you’re not normally outgoing and are quite reserved, this is just a place to meet and make friends and I hope there’s no pressure.  And to eat, of course.  There’s always vast amounts for lunch.

There’s no need at all to bring anything, you’re most welcome just as you are, but if anyone does want to bring food, I’m doing a whole ham and a salmon, a side of smoked salmon (all these are ordered), other dishes including vegetarian and vegan provision and salads.  And cheese and puddings, of course.  If you’d like to bring anything, please let me know what, more or less.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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    1. Z Post author

      You can come? That would be lovely and of course Kate is welcome too. Do you still have my address?


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