Did you miss me, darlings?

For the second time this year, I’ve managed to catch a heatwave whilst Norfolk – and, indeed, much of England – was having rain and chill for the time of year.  So sorry, darlings.  At least, this time, it was in a part of Europe where you’d expect such weather, though the first few days were exceptionally hot.  I even became slightly pink on an upper arm, despite my care in sunny places.

Pam and Peter are very hospitable and great fun, Corfu is beautiful and surprisingly natural – by which I mean, it’s such a popular holiday spot that you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s a built-up tourist island, but it really isn’t, for the most part.  P&P live in a village called Sinarades, which is a south of the town and near the west coast, and is a pretty good starting point to get to anywhere within an hour or so.

I didn’t take many pictures, Tim has a few more which I expect he may post, but here you are – the first was on the plane.  There’s a picture on the back of each seat with safety information, nowadays, but we puzzled to work out what you’re not meant to have in an emergency landing. Not wearing spectacles nor high heeled shoes was clear, but should you take out your false teeth or put down your cheese sandwich?  The one that foxed us, though, was the third picture, that looks like a face and an ear crossed through.  What is forbidden there?



More pictures.

The local 'folklore' museum

The local ‘folklore’ museum


Another side street view in Sinarades


IMG_4484 IMG_4475

The last evening

The last evening

On our last evening, the sea was rough after a calm week, though people were still in the water.  The small son of the restaurant owner (in the local small  town where P&P frequently eat) was having a great time, standing knee-deep to face the waves, which lifted him up and carried him back to the shore.  His grandmother and a man were watching attentively, he wouldn’t have had more than a ducking if he’d lost his footing, but he was confident and sturdy, it was fun to watch.

LT suggested I take a picture, but didn’t think of it until after dinner when the waves were dying down.  So these don’t show what it was really like!  But the second and third were taken only a minute or two apart, which does show how quickly it was settling back to calmness.

Back to rainy England that evening and more of the bemusing car-crash that is British politics at present.  We were glad to be out of the country for more reason than having a lovely holiday with friends.  I was particularly glad not to have internet.  I think the only thing to do now is mock all of them, frankly.

8 comments on “Did you miss me, darlings?

    1. Z Post author

      That was one of our thoughts, but if there were an emergency, surely you wouldn’t stop and think to remove ear rings?

  1. Rog

    Yes of course we missed you both!

    The hols look fabulous and the third from last pic of the umbrellas has beautiful light – lovely!

    1. Z Post author

      Some comments have vanished – I think it was Di who suggested that it was ear phones that are forbidden, and a couple of others. It must have happened at the same time as my blog post disappeared.

      Ronan looked it up and says that my server, do I mean my website host, has changed hands and we think it must have been a glitch during the switchover. None too pleased about it, but as long as it’s a one-off, I won’t fuss.

      Sorry, folks, if your comment was affected.

        1. Z Post author

          I have the email notification.

          “To answer the first question : YES !
          To answer the other question – sorry, I can’t figure out what this means. Dave may be right, but I am absolutely not sure
          what is depicted there.

          The Mediterranean light(s), the blue(s), white(s) and all between – generations of Northeners longed for this, it is such beauty-full light. Glad to learn that you enjoyed your stay ! And that you both returned safely.”


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