Being Sociable

It’s getting quite sociable in Z’s blog world.  First Mike and Ann calling in last week, which was a great pleasure; people saying they are coming to the blog party in July increasing, which I absolutely love – nothing I enjoy more than a houseful of friends, including those I’ve not met yet; and now a dinner invitation from Mig and Barney when we’re down their way next week.  Once we’re back here again (we use ‘home’ to refer to Tim’s house or mine, interchangeably, which is fine between us as we know what we mean but it might be confusing for others), I hope we will be able to ambush Rog and Mrs Rine, as they can’t come to the party, and this is our Year of Being Sociable; or rather the first of those years.

This afternoon, I went out to feed the chickens and found that several of the young chicks had got out of their coop – they’d dug their way out.  No harm done, but they couldn’t get back in and yet resisted being caught.  I’ve got the coop in one of the greenhouses and move it a few yards weekly – uneaten wheat germinates and gives them a nice treat next time round – I’d let them loose in the greenhouse but there are a few broken panes from the strimmer, which is a nuisance.  It’s just too cold to work on them, I’m a fair-weather worker nowadays.  I caught all the chicks in the end and put a much bigger water dish in there, mother hen (who is a good mother but a really annoying hen) keeps filling the smaller one with earth when she’s scratching around, which means they don’t have anything to drink until I return.  I’m hoping that, now they’re big enough not to fall in the bigger bowl, the problem will be solved.  I can’t use a drinker, by the way, as the ground isn’t flat.

Once I finally got round to the other bantams’ run, it turned out that the door latch hadn’t caught this morning and a few of them were still out, one of which was being set upon in an aggressively sexual manner by Roses’ cockerel, Jenga.  My cockerel was annoyed but chose not to get involved.  Again, I rounded up hens and fed them.  And then fed barn cats.

Unusually, the tortoises are the least nuisance of all the non-Eloise animals.  She can do no wrong, of course.  Any misbehaviour is shrugged off … “she’s a cat…”.

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