Heading to Reading

LT and I drove down to our other home today (obviously, once we’re here, Mahsrae is our other home) and the weather was frankly peculiar. A bit drizzly while he was loading the car, then fine, but sleet started after a few minutes and then hail so loud and heavy that, silly as it was, I almost wondered if the windscreen might crack. And an hour later, we were nearly blinded by the Essex sun.

it seems to me that storms have become heavier since we started naming them.

Anyway, here we are (I feel a song coming on) and tomorrow we are going to have dinner with Mig and Barney. I haven’t seen them since Ziggi’s funeral, it’ll be good.

2 comments on “Heading to Reading

  1. allotmentqueen

    Yes, I definitely think naming these storms is such a bad idea. We just used to have a few weeks of bad weather, now we have names the feeling is that it’s loads of different storms and we resent them all individually.


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