The little chicks are doing very well and getting their feathers, instead of their baby down.  It annoys me a bit that I can’t help getting fond of them – I can’t afford to; some of them will be cocks and I’ll probably give most of the females away.  All the same…IMG_4368 That little tweedy one at the front – so cute.

IMG_4371 Random black feathers!

I can only hope my favourites are girls, but I can’t rely on it and I can’t keep any boys.  I just never want this to happen again.

The adults are doing nothing.  I’m getting eggs from the two remaining young pullets, but nothing from the rest, who are eating and laughing at me.  One of them hurt her leg a few weeks ago, I don’t know how, but she was mostly standing on one leg, though she could hobble.  It’s getting better.  I couldn’t find any actual injury and it’s not a good idea to take them to the vet – we tried that once, and she died of fright.

Edweena and the Tots have been basking under their heat lamps.  And eating.  There’s not a lot else to say about tortoises, really.  I give them baths quite often, which they like.

Eloise has discovered cat treats and searches out the hiding place of the pack.  I’ve put it under the seat cushion of the sofa this evening and she could smell it but not find it.  Eyes narrowed, she spent some time looking and Tim and I pretended not to chuckle.  Yesterday, she sat on the window sill and chattered annoyedly at a fat pigeon in the garden.  We would never have thought a cat could be so entertaining, or so much loved.  I’m besotted with her and so is Tim, I believe.


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  1. Z Post author

    They thought I might give them more food, of course. And yes, they are sweet but I have to keep up my affection barriers. Or maybe I mean barriers to affection.


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