If I were a shepherd…

I’ve been paying bills this evening.  One of them was from the Water Board.  I can’t remember doing so, but it seems that I paid the bill twice last year, because I had such a sizeable credit that I owed less than a tenner.  What was surprising, though, that it told me I had until October to pay.  I didn’t feel I had to wait, under the circumstances.

It also told me how much I could save by having a water meter.  All the examples except one were for more than I do pay.  So that’s not worth following up.  Anyway, with a septic tank, no water is wasted because, duly digested, it goes back into the ground anyway.

My lugubriousness last evening was added to by my inability to find some papers, some for school and the insurance renewal on my car.  I’d searched the only two places where they could possibly be – actually, three for the car renewal – and I couldn’t find them.  So, this morning, I went out to search the recycling wheelie bin.  I half-emptied one into the other until the latter was full, then emptied the rest of the former into a box … and the papers weren’t there.  LT came to help and he really is quite remarkable because, when I then went back into the house and found the papers in a place I’d already searched, he didn’t utter a word of reproach.  Nor, indeed, could I detect unspoken resentment.  I have found a treasure, darlings.

So I’ve added him on to my car insurance as a reward.  My car isn’t anywhere near as nice as his, but he’s taken it in the spirit it was meant; I give him what I can.

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