Being Granny

The day has rather revolved around Zerlina, but it’s all been very easy.  Phil has taken the last couple of days off, so all three turned up this morning.  I took z off with me to the hairdresser, so she didn’t see her parents leave – although she’d been enormously looking forward to coming for her ‘sleepover.’

She hadn’t been to the hairdresser before, so was very interested in what was going on, though my cut and blowdry wasn’t as exciting as some other hairdos.  Jo asked me what style I wanted.  “Whatever you like, as long as you make me look young and lovely,” I said hopefully … “who laughed?”  Another hairdresser owned up.

Afterwards, we did some shopping, came home and prepared lunch.  She helped me pod peas, which she enjoyed and then found that the tin of tuna I had opened was too tempting, so ate some of it while the pasta was cooking.  We also ate strawberries.  Then we went outside for a bit and she did some drawing before going for her nap.  After that, we made sausage rolls and jam tarts, which we had for tea.  She has fed the chickens, given an apple to Big Pinkie and rambled all over the Ups and Downs looking for cowpats, the largest of which we poked with a stick.  We’ve read books and spent rather a lot of time washing hands.  Squiffany was also fond of having a basinful of warm water and a bar of soap and spending a lot of time washing her hands at this age, too.

After going to bed, she chatted to her toys, Barry Bear, Pillow, Peppa Pig and Spot the Dog (who lives here, he was Ro’s) for a few minutes and we’ve heard nothing further since.  Tomorrow, we have been warned that the electricity may be turned off, as work is being done.  Last time we had such a warning, it didn’t happen at all, but at least we won’t be caught out.

I might take her out for lunch.  It’s such a pleasure taking a child out for a meal.  I remember an occasion when I took Squiffany out for tea and she was so happy, she sat taking tiny, neat bites out of her toasted teacake and sipping milk, on her very best behaviour.

5 comments on “Being Granny

  1. georgie

    Sounds like a full day for Z and z with lots of love and attention. We had a lady come by the office today who is expecting her baby-today! She looked incredibly happy and said she would be glad when the baby arrived. Probaby the same way Weeza feels right now.

  2. Roses

    What a fantastic day.

    Taking children out to eat is always a lovely experience. Heck, I still enjoy it now. I took Rowan out to dinner on Thursday, on his return from visiting his dad.

    Was she looking for scarab beetles in the cow pats?


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