A good innings

Today, I went to a hundredth birthday party.   Florence’s birthday was actually on Saturday, and so far she has had a small family party, one for sixty people and this one, which her lunch club friends put on for her. She looked fabulous.  She walks without a stick and doesn’t wear glasses.  She lives in a nursing home in the Cathedral Close but, apart from having her meals prepared for her, she can look after herself entirely – although, because she recently fell in her room and broke her wrist, she isn’t taking her normal daily walk (uphill) to the city centre for morning coffee at Jarrolds at present.

I’ve remembered the finer points of Jimmy’s look-see.  In fact, that was what he said.  Not “I’ll take a look see”, but “Jimmy will take a look-see,” which was the reason the expression stuck. Glad to have got that one cleared up.  I will come back with more family sayings before long,  I’ll start it off and add yours as they come in – excellent ones already, thank you.

Weeza will bring Zerlina over in the morning.  She can come with me to the hairdresser, then we will have lunch and then do our cooking.  Not quite sure how Sunday will work at present as I have to go to church twice (I’m not that devout, it’s duty calling) and I think that Grandpa will have to be roped in to help out.  Phil and Weeza will come for lunch, assuming that the baby hasn’t put in an appearance by then.  He has turned back to front, unfortunately – or rather front to front – he’s correctly upside down but facing the wrong way so Weeza is uncomfortable.

9 comments on “A good innings

  1. Roses

    Rowan was describe a violent shade of pink for me as we were to school one day: fewcheska. I knew what he meant and fewcheska it remains.

  2. Z

    I suppose, if Florence were to outlive all her guests, she would have carried her bat.

    Is the accent on few, Roses? That’s rather good.

  3. Z

    I have so many robust friends in their nineties, it’s amazing.

    Zerlina is here and Weeza and Phil went to the cinema and are having a quietly relaxing weekend, unless Junior puts in an appearance.

    I think I’ve said it before, BW, we’ve not been keeping it secret. Weeza is fine, but we’d all convinced ourselves that this one would arrive a week or so early, so it seems as if he’s late already!


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