I have pictures of the Viking raid, but it’s too late tonight – sorry, I was reading and playing iPad games and talking to Wink (it’s dull, doing one thing at a time, don’t you think?) and I can’t quite be bothered to put them on the computer now.  Something to look forward to, darlings.

We had an excellent day, although I still haven’t managed to get Hadrian to smile at me.  I was reasonably philosophical about that until he beamed at Wink and kept chuckling at her.  Dilly kindly suggested it’s because Al wears glasses and she sometimes does, so does Wink, and maybe he just likes people who have glasses on.  I’m not entirely convinced, but will borrow some and give it a try.  I carried him around for ages, nearly an hour, so he could look around and join in rather than just lie in his pram, so he should appreciate me more than he has.  He’s over three months old now, hardly seems credible.

It was the Sage’s sister’s birthday yesterday and she phoned this evening.  She’s been away most of the summer, first house-sitting for her son and his other half, and then going on holiday to Italy with them (I’m not sure who cat- and house-sits then) and also staying with her daughter and her children.  She will be 80 next year, which I can hardly believe.  She never seems to age in the least.  She can’t drive because her eyesight isn’t good, so we don’t see each other all that often – she only lives in Cromer, the other end of the same county, but we usually meet in Norwich.  She’d love to see the babies, we’ll have to get together soon.

It’s late.  I’ll date this before midnight yesterday (that is, Monday) and go to bed.  Well, go and lounge in the bath for a bit.  Going to Norwich tomorrow.

4 comments on “Backdated

  1. Mike and Ann

    I think the glasses theory may have something in it. Babies do like things they know. The other thing that babies seem to like (but this isn’t going to be much help to you) is a good deep male voice. They seem to find it comforting, can’t think why.

  2. Z

    They do grow, don’t they? Thank you, it’s rare that I have an urge to shop but I need some things I can’t get locally.

    Babies always like Weeza; her theory is that she has large dark eyes in a pale face and they like that. I will win him round through force of personality; a baby has no hope against Power of Z.

  3. luckyzmom

    I’ve always been a baby magnet and I don’t usually wear glasses (only sun glasses and readers). Don’t know what it is. I am equally attracted to babies though.


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