Ladies who Lunch in London

Norwich was fine, but the day would have gone better if the bag I saw in the first shop had been fine rather than perfect except for horrid straps.  We spent a long time trawling through other shops and couldn’t find anything else I liked that my iPad would fit in, went back to the first shop, the bag was still perfect apart from the straps.  I’d also been looking for a present for Dilly, had written down clothes on her wishlist, couldn’t find any of them in the shop except for one top that didn’t look as nice as it did on the picture, so was wary of buying it unless she’d tried it on.

I did buy a skin cream I’d run out of from Body Shop, and we enjoyed our lunch.

If only that bag had been just right in the first shop – I deeply loathe shopping when it doesn’t go right.  If I can get something I like straight away I don’t keep looking just in case something even better is available somewhere else – it probably won’t be and I’ll just get bored.  Once in a while, I’ll buy whole lots of clothes, just because I find them, they fit, I like and can afford them, but it may be months before I do it again.  I bought no clothes for this summer, for example, not even shoes.  Last year’s sandals are fine.  I bought three pairs in one day (indeed, in one shop) about fourteen months ago.   In fact, I bought more shoes than usual last year because I was celebrating being able to wear what I liked again – both heels and flats.  Before I had my new hip, the only comfortable shoes had 1 1/2 inch heels.  So last winter, I bought two pairs of boots and two of shoes in the sales.  All in the same shop though, I have a very low attention threshold.

Tomorrow, we’re going to London for lunch.  Really, just for lunch, we’ll be with Kamala from about 1 to 3.30 and then we’ll have to leave to catch our train back.

My downstairs tenant emailed today to say that his washing machine has packed in – I knew it would, it’s 11 or 12 years old and the upstairs one, a year older, gave up in March.  He has this week off and is at home, so has offered to order, pay for and see installed the new one to save me going up.  Brilliant.  He’ll simply deduct the cost from next month’s rent, so it’ll be simple.  And save me money.

4 comments on “Ladies who Lunch in London

  1. Mike and Ann

    What a sensible tenant you have. And isn’t it good to be able to do ‘business on the slap of a hand’ as we used to call it. Ask the Sage; he’ll remember the expression.

  2. Friko

    I hate shopping and only go when it’s absolutely necessary, ie, when my knickers are falling to pieces.

    As for other stuff: I always know exactly what I want and if I can’t find it, I don’t buy anything. I also have favourite shops and tend to buy their stuff almost exclusively.

    Call me adventurous, if you like.

  3. Mike and Ann

    I dislike shops that haven’t got what you want, but still try to sell you what they have got on the- “Our own brand is just as good” principal. I always go off and find a shop that HAS got what I want.
    Another thing I dislike being told is “Oh we don’t stock that these days, sir. There isn’t any demand for it you know”. The answer to that, of course, is – “Well, I’m demanding it.”
    I could so easily become curmudgeonly, I’m afraid.

  4. Z

    We sold our last house on a handshake.

    I’m rather the same, Friko. The jacket I was wearing today, my mother gave me about 20 years ago.

    Curmudgeonly? Never, Mike – though I could be too, when shops have everything but my perfectly ordinary size. If it’s one of the most commonly worn sizes, how come they don’t have more of it and fewer size 6s and 8s?


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