Middle aged but spectacular

The hog roast was delicious, as usual.  It takes the whole day to cook, so wasn’t served until 9 o’clock – and I was second in the queue!  I managed a glass of cider, mixed half and half with lemonade, so felt I’d done my duty, though I didn’t feel entirely at my best this morning.  However, I’d perked up by the time I was called upon to play the clarinet, and fortunately the tune I’d never played before turned out to be pretty easy, so it went well.

Lunch also went well, it was a very canny move to cook it in advance because I was able to get it on the table half an hour or so after arriving home, with just the potatoes and beans to cook.  Gus slept pretty well all the time he was here, except when he was being fed, which happened between our main course and pudding, and we all took it in turns to hold him.  They all went home mid-afternoon, with the plan to be back by the time he needed another feed.  Wink and I are planning to go to Norwich on Tuesday and call in once we’ve done our shopping and hope she’ll see him awake then.  We’re going out with Al and family tomorrow to a Mediaeval Spectacular.  We are prepared to be impressed.

In fact, Al and co went last year, just because it’s a lovely place, and had no idea this was on.  They enjoyed it so much that they decided to go again and asked us to go too.  Kindly, they waited until Monday because we’d got the others here for lunch, so I hope it stays fine.  The forecast is dry until evening, but getting cooler.  Proper Bank Holiday weather then.

11 comments on “Middle aged but spectacular

  1. Tim

    The tooth-pulling will be fun. Is it too late to send in my base metals for the Alchemist?
    But … you’re still going, even though you can’t redeem your Tesco vouchers??!!!
    Only kidding. Enjoy.

  2. lx

    That should be fun, especially the Viking long boat raid.

    I attended a full contact jousting tournament last Spring. Lots of folks in costume as well.

  3. Z

    He made various things burst into impressive flames, made Dragon’s Blood, which he turned into Deadly Poison, proved that Fire consumes Air and attempted to make the Philosopher’s Stone – unsurprisingly, the last failed to materialise.

    It was a good day, thank you.

    And anon from Romania, you haven’t joined this community, you’ve spammed me. Goodbye.
    Actually, this is the first spam that’s got through the safety net for ages, lots goes to the spam folder and a few for moderation, but the filter is normally very good now.

  4. Tim

    Sounds like a great day! Shame about the Philosopher’s Stone, I could do with one of those(even though I’m not sure what they’re for).
    A big AMEN to your last comment para! All anons get deleted unread here.

  5. Z

    I hate word verification and often mistype it – though it is easier to read than it used to be. Some of the spam gets into my email notifications, but is not actually published – this is the first for ages.


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