Another YOA player!

Another message, this time from Catie, a trombonist. Thank you very much Catie and I’ll look forward to seeing the pictures when you can post them. I suspect Blogger doesn’t like to be neglected and demands regular posts, sulking if you let a few weeks go by without keeping him satisfied.

6 comments on “Another YOA player!

  1. How do we know

    Hey Z, just came to tell you how much i LOVED that comment.. because obviously, a lot of thought has gone into that input… and it feels nice to know that you cared enough to spend your time thinking through all that.. 🙂 Thank You!!

  2. Geena

    Goodness – I read the comment…I wonder how close you are to the truth..interesting analysis.

    I couldn’t do that meme because I am so open about myself on my blog and most people who are old readers know my name, exact location etc etc..

  3. Z

    how do we know is splendidly enigmatic about him/herself, so I have pieced together tiny snippets and made far too much of them. I have no idea whether I’m remotely right but, you ask me for an opinion, I give you one!

    Yes, you know all about me too. I often wonder how I’ll feel when someone whom I haven’t told about the blog tells me they have found it, which I’m sure will happen one day. I’m very recognisable.

  4. How do we know

    🙂 Well Z(your name is so lovely, its difficult to call u just Z), the reverse has def happened.. i do not know you, and have discovered you through your blog(instead of it being the other way round)!!

    Something else just struck me.. the name given to me by my spouse also means “Life”.


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