in the country of the blind……..

the one-eyed z is king.

I’ve just taken out my right contact lens. Safely stowed in its holder, I dabbed at my left eye. There is nothing (nothing manufactured, that is) there. This means I’ve driven 250 miles today, entirely unaware that I had one short-sighted eye.

Fortunately, it’s not the eye I look with.

Anyway, I’m home darlings. Did you miss me terribly? I missed you. Another Youth Orchestra musician has written to me, which has made me terribly excited, but I have not replied to anyone yet as I am tired after a lengthy stint on the A303 and the M25 – other roads, but they were the ones with the hold-ups, in traffic terms that is, I met no highwaymen (just as well, I was transporting Valuable China that doesn’t belong to me but is destined for our next sale). I arrived back to find my dinner hotly waiting for me and hugs and kisses from Sage, son and dog. Actually, the first greeting was from the dog, but if I put her first you might have thought I’d got my priorities wrong.

I wonder what happened to that contact lens. I certainly thought it had gone in this morning. Fortunately I have a spare.

3 comments on “in the country of the blind……..

  1. Geena

    Oh you’re back…you’re back….I DID miss you…and am glad you made it home in one piece, albeit it minus a contact lens.

    Just WHERE do you pick up all your treasures? Your place must be an Aladdin’s Cave…

    Welcome home..glad the Druids didn’t lure you away.

  2. Z

    Ooh, thank you, what a lovely welcome.

    Yes, well, Aladdin’s cave was not exactly furnished was it, it just had stuff stacked randomly all over the place. That’s not unlike this place if I don’t watch out. My weakness is books, my husband’s is everything else.


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