And moving on

– because that’s what you do….. if you don’t know what I mean, read the previous post first.

I went to a meeting to represent the PCC* treasurer, who is working in Cornwall this week so thought she might as well have a few extra days, visit the Eden Project and the like. It’s an awfully long way to Cornwall and one might as well make the most of it. I thought it was a good idea to go there for the weekend last October; enjoyed it very much but it was a hell of a lot of driving, best part of 1,000 miles for 3 nights stay.

Anyway, the meeting. Very financial. I put my hand up to make a comment. The Deanery Assessor listened politely, replied …. “in short,” he finished, “I agree with you.” Well, that was good, he is obviously an intelligent man because I wouldn’t have said anything unless I was right (hm). And, since the revised, compromise, proposals he came up with took this into account, I probably will have to talk the PCC into paying over more money next year.
I sat next to a chap in a dog collar wearing not only white socks, but jesus sandals too. Yup, together. Pristine, the socks were, so he must have changed them specially for the meeting – a particularly stylish touch, I thought.

I haven’t put a list of links to the blogs I read. This is for several reasons.

1. It would be a bit embarrassing to put in everything I ever read as there are rather a lot of them and it would show how much time I spend on this sort of thing.
2. If I just put in a few favourites, I’d be mortified if one of the others I read and enjoy dropped in and found him or herself omitted.
3. Some of the ones I read, so do all of you. I mean, I hardly need to mention Greavsie*** (just as one example), do I.
4. A few are a bit rude.

* the committee that runs the local church, the Parochial Church Council.
** Mind you, I was a Suffolk girl myself until 20 years ago.
*** Sorry Greavsie, can’t emulate your stylish ways, so just copy your asterisks.

4 comments on “And moving on

  1. KW

    Linking isn’t obligatory, you know! 😉 I often think I ought to prune my links, but the truth is that I do read all the sites I link to, sad to say… Explains the PhD progress, or lack thereof, doesn’t it?

    Glad your commenting doberry is letting me, er, comment, though – ta very much.

  2. Z

    I started counting the sites I’ve bookmarked, but was so struck by how much time I must spend on them that I discreetly decided not to know. In the same way as I haven’t weighed myself for years and years, which means I will not worry about it and thus comfort-overeat.

    In theory.

    And glad to have you back, sorry about momentarily overriding my libertarian instincts; I thought I had only blocked anonymous comments.

  3. Z

    I couldn’t remember them, far too many, so I have them bookmarked.
    One day I may admit to the number! So many good writers and interesting people. Even those with whom I might not have much in common are enjoyable to read and give something to think about.


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