Visited by a fox

– and ten chickens are missing, presumed dead. We have found a few bodies, but it probably hid some for later retrieval. It happened in broad daylight at about 5 o’clock this afternoon.
Can’t blame an animal for following its instincts, but if we have a sighting of it, we will shoot. Sorry, but it doesn’t understand restraint, how could it, and it will be back for more.
The cock is wandering around on the Ups and Downs and won’t come home. Luckily, the mother hens with young chicks are all right in their small runs, but the mother with half-grown ones was killed, with three of the youngsters and there is only one left.
Sad as it is, it’s part of having free-range chickens in the country, and it’s one of those things. The Sage is just relieved that none of his particular pets have gone this time, but the next-door field that doesn’t belong to us has not been cut for hay yet and it’s ideal cover for a fox.

7 comments on “Visited by a fox

  1. Blue Witch

    Oh awful, so sorry to hear that. One of my worst nightmares having that happen.

    We have lots of Mr Bushy Tails around so have always had electric netting (which Katie Thear, the poultry expert in Country Smallholding magazine swears by) around the orchard area where ours live in the summer. Even so, I still hold my breath every morning when I go up to check them.

  2. Z

    With a toddler in the family, we’re reluctant to go down the electric fencing route. They are well shut in at night (except for the ones which have laid away and are sitting) but it’s the daylight raids that are the occasional problem. The cock came back by nightfall, at least he’s safe now.


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