All too short

I’m afraid I’m going to have to turn on word verification for a few weeks, in the hope that the spammers will lose interest in me.  I’ve had 12 spam comments already this morning as well as notifications from other blogs – none of them gets published, but it’s now irritating even me, and I’ve got a notably long fuse.  I don’t know why they bother really, they’re all so obviously false, they’re all anonymous and they’re all picked up by Blogger and most of the links say they’re for porn, fake handbags or medication, they don’t even try to pull the wool over one’s eyes except in the extraordinarily complimentary comments that some of them leave.

I’m off to London this afternoon to meet Wink for dinner and a concert, coming back on the late train tonight.  We’ve been seeing a lot of each other this year, which is great.  She has visited here a couple of times already, most notably for the blog party, we have been to India together and we’re having a few days together later this month as well.  I’m a bit daunted by the realisation that it’s July already.  A lot has happened, one way and another this year, but time always seems to run away with me past midsummer and then it’s my birthday and that means that summer is really over.

I sent Weeza a text yesterday and in her reply she mentioned that Augustus has croup, poor child.  Whoever heard of a baby getting croup in the middle of summer?  He was all right when we saw him on Wednesday, but started getting wheezy and unwell the next day, so she took him to the doctor.  Wasn’t the best timing, with Phil going off on his bike ride and he offered to stay, but Weeza said she’d be all right.  I hope they had a good night.  

14 comments on “All too short

  1. chairwoman

    My birthday’s gone which means we’re in the Winter Festivities half of the year. When the Chairman was still of this realm he wouldn’t say the word before December 1st, and we still do it, sometimes.

    As for croup, Katy had it in the summer, and she spent a night in a croup tent.

    I’m glad you’re having a good time, Zoe. I do read you regularly, but haven’t much to say these days.

  2. Tim

    Apart, obv, from wishing Augustus well, this comment has no purpose other than to check out the wv. They seem to have changed it again, maybe for the better … let’s see –

  3. allotmentqueen

    Well I have actually posted a couple of times, but I feel I shouldn’t tell you just in case you think I’m another spammer…

    Seems to me that the weather this year has completely messed up our biological clocks. Is it winter, is it summer, who can tell? I planted a few sunflower seeds today on the premise that they may or may not grow, and there really was very little I could do about it.

    But I did pick a load of gooseberries, strawberries and raspberries, so it’s not all bad.

    If you don’t get this, then I’ve failed the captcha.

  4. Roses

    I hope Augustus improves quickly.

    I have no idea how we got to July. It was January a moment ago. I can’t even think about it. It’s scaring me.

    And it’s great you’re spending such quality time with Weeza.

    I think I’m coping with the wv. I’ll let you know if it’s all gone horribly wrong.

  5. Liz

    I’m still being spammed too, although not on the scale that you seem to be.

    I may still resort to word verification but haven’t done so yet.

    I hope little Augustus is feeling better today.

    Have fun in London. Sir Bruin keeps promising me a trip to London but the closest we ever get are flying visits to Viscount BamBam’s college digs in Ealing.

  6. Pat

    Its always a worry when little ones are ill. Hope he is much better today.

    I do admire your aplomb at tackling London. I have a day visit on the cards and the thought gives me palpitations.

  7. Z

    John, if you filled in the wv and were still treated as spam, I can only apologise. It isn’t my doing and I have written to enquire. I was out yesterday and today and have only just looked here. I have no idea why some people are spammed much more than others, I’ve found in the past that turning on wv for a few weeks lessens it, so I hope that happens this time.

    I spent today with Weeza and co, Gus is on the mend thank you, though his occasional cough is still hacking.

    Chairwoman, I still miss your blog and hope things are going as well as can be hoped for. I do hope we will meet one day.

    I love London. I can see how daunting it can be, but I – well, I agree with Dr Johnson. For my part, that is, I don’t expect others to feel the same. I’m getting to grips with bus routes, much less walking than the Tube and not so dismayingly expensive as taxis.

    It’s remarkable that on the day I reinstated wv I received more comments than for ages! Thanks, all of you xx

  8. Mike and Ann

    London has improved tremendously since we could both use ‘bus passes. Over the last few years we’ve had great fun working out how we get to wherever we wish to go, waving our ‘bus passes at the driver and getting a free ride – and we also get a much better idea of London’s layout from the top deck of a ‘bus than we ever did on the underground.


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