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I’ve got several postsworth to write and am almost too tired to write at all – but I’ll switch my brain down to standby and let my fingers do the work.  I’ll come back to most of it and just tell you about today.  I assume you want every minute detail of my life?  Darlings, I love you and I don’t expect you to read it, I find it remarkable that anyone does.

I sent a text to Weeza asking how they all were – Phil after his bike ride and Gus with his croup.  Phil had a great time.  He cycled to St Ives (Cambridgeshire, not Cornwall!) on Friday, via Norwich to see the doctor with Weeza and Gus, and then cycled to London the next day.  Then to London, Dunwich, home.  He was tired out last night, but that seems to have been lack of sleep rather than bike-tiredness, and they went to bed at the same time as the children.  Back on his bike this morning, of course – no, I’ve no idea how he does it.  He has never had any sports injury from it, let’s hope his knees last out.

I offered to help if wanted, and Weeza suggested I come over to look after Gus (who was expected to be napping) while she fetched Zerlina from school – it’s the first of two induction half-days at the village school.  Zerlina won’t be four until mid-August, but will start full-time school in September.  So little!  Still, she’s looking forward to it.  I said I’d got shopping to do in Norwich, and would do it in the afternoon.  In the event, Weeza and the children came too, and a good thing that was.

We parked at the Chapelfield mall, which I rather like, not least because it’s where the Apple store is – though I didn’t even glance in its direction today.  I wanted a dress for the party on the 14th – I did buy a dress this year, but I wore it for my own do so it won’t cut the mustard next time because some of the guests will be the same (it’s so easy for men, innit?).  It was agreed that we’d deal with that first while the children weren’t tired.  It was Weeza who took control, noticing two possible dresses and, while I was trying them on, going to find others.  She’s a brilliant personal shopper and I’ll take her again.  I bought two dresses and a belt and was very happy.  Then we went to get something for Zerlina – I asked her if she’d like clothes, toys or books, or sweets and she chose the last option – sweets are rarely on offer in her house.  Mummy gave the nod and I took her into Boots to choose.  We bought Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles, largely because she likes fruit and they’re round – not spherical, you know what I mean although I can’t think of the word at the moment.  She opened the tube and put one in her mouth.  She loved it.  Well, hardly surprising – Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles, darlings, what’s not to like?

We went and found a jacket for Weeza and dungarees and t-shirts for Gus, and then noticed some bracelets as a surprise extra for z (65psworth didn’t seem that generous a present) and went home.  All jolly successful, the children were delightful and Gus hardly coughed.  As I strapped z into her car seat, I said “you like your sweets, don’t you?”  “They’re delicious, Granny,” she declared, and kissed me.  On the way back, she suggested that she should keep the rest for later, “for snacks,” but then decided to give Weeza and me one each, which was very generous as no one had suggested she should.  “Natural good manners,” I complimented her mother.

I was suddenly tired on the way back here and, a couple of miles from home, opened the windows wide for cold fresh air as I was quite concerned that I might nod off.  It’ll have to be an early night and I’ll tell you about other things tomorrow.  The penalty for an early night is being wakeful in the early hours, but I usually am anyway so it’s better to sleep while I can.   

11 comments on “Z goes shopping

  1. allotmentqueen

    I’m intrigued by the fact that you went into Boots (which I think of as a chemist) to buy sweets.

    Uh-oh, this is going to fail I can’t even see a word in the first bit. Looks like a picture of a cat.

  2. mig

    Ooh, dresses! lovely. And that reminds me, I need to go to our Apple store.
    What a delightful child, kisses and politeness and generosity.

  3. Z

    Well, if there had been a sweet shop on hand, I’d have gone there. But there were sweets, near the sandwich and snacks area.

    Part of the wv is usually a number now – I suppose the picture is to make it less easy for a computer to scan.

    She was as delightful as she was at the party – remember how she wanted to sit next to Rog to be near the dogs, unbothered by the rest of us being in another room? And then she gave Blue Witch a kiss when they left – BW was quite touched by that.

    I credit Mad Men with making nice dresses available again. I’ve always liked dresses. And Tim, I take every care – belt and braces is hardly enough for me.

  4. Liz

    Zerlina is a lovely little girl. Don’t you just love the little things that kids say and do?

    My nephew (the Boy Cub) was 4 in May and also starts school in September. He is VERY excited. I spoke to his daddy on the phone yesterday; apparently Boy Cub already has a cap and a sweatshirt as part of his school uniform. He wanted to wear it but daddy said it had go to in the wardrobe until September. That evening, when daddy went to check on Boy Cub a couple of hours after putting him to bed, he found him fast asleep wearing both the sweatshirt and the cap!


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