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My son-in-law will spend this weekend on his bike.  Tonight is the annual Dunwich Dynamo ride, which he took part in for the first time last year.  Then he went to the London start by train, cycled to the finish overnight and then biked here in time for lunch, putting his bike in the car and going home with Weeza and Zerlina (Gus wasn’t born yet).  This time, he plans to cycle the lot.  That’s right, he’ll cycle from just north of Norwich to London, cycle overnight to Suffolk and then ride home again – that’s going to be about 350 miles all told.  And then he’ll cycle 22 miles to work on Monday.  Well, that’s the plan, anyway.  Barking mad?  Well, yes, he fits in this family rather well in that respect, although that’s not the way that any of the rest of us would display our oddity.

I should pause here, by the way, to mention that I can’t see any way in which I’m odd, except that it’s taken others to point out that the Sage is, very, and I hadn’t noticed until then, but actually it’s quite true.  So at the least I’m incredibly unobservant – but I did know that already.  It’s all in the eye of the beholder anyway – I wanted to check something I’d written in an email to someone quite some time ago and looked it up this morning – evidently at some time we had had a conversation about blogging, which she found a strange hobby.  Not that it is, but I said politely “Blogging is indeed quite peculiar, but then so are cocktail parties and going to church if one examines them closely enough.”  

I knew that I was one of the three people named in the school’s Critical Incident plan, but I’ve just discovered that both of the others are going to be away at various times in August and so I am potentially at the sharp end for the first time.  It’s highly unlikely that anything will happen, particularly in the school holidays – the last time it was acted upon was a few years ago when some pupils had a car accident on the way to school.  All the same, I’m getting my very own copy, ooh, will study it assiduously and trust I never have to do anything else about it.

Talking about the school, it was the Year 11 leavers’ Prom last night.  This is something that is taken with great enthusiasm.  There is a decorative theme – this year it was The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe – and everyone dresses up most beautifully.  The Head suggested I might like to come at the start, to see people arrive, and so I did.  There are always some who vie with each other for the most unusual form of transport – a tractor probably got it this year – and lots of people; parents and early arrivals, cluster outside to greet and applaud them as they turn up.  All the boys were in suits, many of them in dinner jackets* complete with black bow tie, and the girls’ dresses were beautiful – as were they, there wasn’t anyone who didn’t look lovely.  Some of them looked a bit self-conscious, especially the ones in strapless ball gowns, but they all looked happily excited too.  The Deputy Head, who is blonde, very slender and attractive, wore a slinky long red dress with a black bolero jacket and the Head was in a dinner jacket and looked pretty damn good, I must say.  Well, I did say, I told him he scrubbed up surprisingly well and I think he was pleased.

*I think you call it a tuxedo in America, darlings, and it is taken to include trousers.  Or the kilt of course, if you are of that persuasion.

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  1. Blue Witch

    I couldn’t drive that far these days – hope it goes well for him.

    And keep your CIP in your bedside drawers. Mr BW does – it saves getting up if push turns to shove. If the school’s CIP doesn’t tell you exactly wht to do, and in what order, then it needs re-writing.

    CITeam work was the most exciting and challenging I ever did. But, I hope you don’t get to need to call your CITeam!

  2. Z

    He needs his brain testing, not his pee, Rog.

    I know, BW – well, I could, I used to drive to Lancaster and back in a day when Ro was at university. He doesn’t seem to have scheduled any time for sleep between all that cycling, either.

    It’s checked, and updated if necessary, every year and we’re pretty hot on policies, of which we have dozens. The governors pick up on anything that needs clarifying – some of us are marvellously nit-picking. I certainly want no critical incidents to happen ever – but if one does, I’ll cope. More challenged than excited though.

  3. Z

    The Sage does get himself noticed, it’s true. But a mental health specialist sent him for a brain scan, he was so startled by his distinctiveness.

  4. Mike and Ann

    A couple of years ago grandson Matthew asked if he could borrow my old D.J. to wear at his end of school do (‘prom’ I think they call it- can’t think why- it’s nothing like a promenade concert). It fitted him well, so I told him to keep it -I hadn’t worn it in twenty years or so.I was given it about fifty years or so ago by a family member. It wasn’t new then. It’d be interesting to know just when it was built.
    You mention ‘oddities’ in families and my family has its share of these, I’m afraid. In fact there is only one totally normal member of my family, and modesty forbids……

  5. mig

    The Sage seemed to me to be unusual, striking, charming (in an indistinct way) and extraordinarily clever and on the ball. But only the ball he was playing. I liked him a lot. He is lots of fun and just a tiny bit scary – you don’t want to fall short with him. He’s not out of this world but he does maintain his own personal perspective quite firmly.
    Distinctive definitely but I have one of those of my own!
    Do call in when you’re on your way to Wiltshire some time.

  6. Z

    Mike, the Sage’s DJ originally belonged to his great-uncle and so must be 80-100 years old I suppose. You and Ann both seem just right to me.

    That is very astute, Mig, though I’d have said bemusing rather than scary. I’ve often seen the look of bewilderment on people’s faces when he starts to *explain* something. He never judges in the least and is predisposed to like people, so there’s never any reason to feel intimidated and if there’s anything to be explained it’s best to ask me because I can interpret him.

    We’ll meet next at Tim’s party I think, when I’ll be on my way to see her, but I’d love to call in next time. Thank you.

  7. Z

    By the way, *on the ball. But only the ball he was playing* is the best description of him that I’ve ever seen!


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