Times five

Oh darlings, I wrote one of those posts again that I couldn’t face posting – which spared you from reading it – but it took ages.  So I’ll say five things about my day instead.

1 I woke up at 9.05 this morning, which was oversleeping to an inconvenient degree, as I’d intended to leave the house around 9.10.  I dressed, fed the dogs and let them out (into the garden and left the back door open), brushed my hair but didn’t apply a face, let alone a contact lens and scurried out at about 9.20.  I meant to take my glasses, but forgot.

2 It rained hard in the night and the chicken run was muddy and slippery – the outside part, that is.  They’re fine, almost all of them have finished moulting and they laid ten eggs today.  I was only able to use five, even making Cake.  At least I gave Ro a dozen eggs yesterday.  I also have a glut of cucumbers.  And courgettes, but everyone has that. 

3 Russell slept so poorly last night that I suggested he go and have a rest in bed.  I cooked bacon and eggs as a late breakfast for me, a second one for him at 11 o’clock, but he didn’t actually go to bed until well after 2 – and then he slept until nearly 8.30.  When he came down, he assumed he’d slept through the night and helped himself to a bowl of cereal.  I suggested that salmon would be a better supper than chops and he agreed absently, but it wasn’t until I found him about to swallow his cocktail of morning pills that I realised he thought it was 8.30 am.  I have no idea if he’ll sleep tonight, but he obviously really needed a good rest after a busy week.

4 I’ve got a load of school emails to reply to.  I’m pretending to be away and not answering any of them for another day or two.  I did all my school stuff by the end of July and I hoped to have August off.

5 However, there are some fun things planned for this week.  Supper with friends, lunch with another friend and we’re going to have Zerlina and Gus to stay next weekend.  We still have little Rupert here and he is adorable.

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  1. Scarlet

    Did you delete the post or keep it in word file? You probably needed to get it written whether you shared it or not. Probably not time wasted.


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