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I have no time to write in the day and I’m too tired in the evenings.  I’m not sleeping well, but going to bed early doesn’t help – it just means I’m wide awake again at midnight instead of at 3 am.  So blogging may be spasmodic, but I’m still about.

Yesterday, I drove over to Framlingham, where I’d been told of a lovely dress shop.  I invited the Sage along for the ride and thought he’d wait for me in the pub before we had lunch, but he wanted to come with me.  The lovely shop owner found him a chair and a newspaper to read and we went off to choose clothes to try on.

The first dress fitted me perfectly, looked good but wasn’t quite dressy enough.  The second dress and coat was very nice and I might have chosen it.  The third was lovely for an evening, but not quite for a wedding.  Number four was the one.  I knew and, as soon as the Sage saw it, so did he.  He immediately said I had to have it – this is a man who is singularly uninterested in my clothes normally.

It was expensive, but worth it.  The hat and shoes were pure extravagance.  I’ve had to revert to my practice of evaluating clothes in terms of a piece of Lowestoft china.  The ensemble cost a good sparrowbeak jug.  What was also a pleasure was that every dress fitted – she didn’t ask my size (and I don’t know what size the dresses were, they didn’t have them marked) but judged me by eye.

If you’re prepared to buy dresses starting at around £160, I can heartily recommend Darcy B in Fram or Woodbridge.


5 comments on “Z goes shopping

  1. kipper

    How sweet that the Sage wanted to go with you and also liked the outfit you chose! Hope your sleep pattern resolves soon.

  2. sablonneuse

    How lovely to be able to try on clothes that fit and find the perfect outfit. The last time I went clothes shopping in person was with my very slim sister. We were both in a small cubicle and I was horrified at the sight of myself trying to squeeze into clothes since I’ve put on weight. I’ve shopped online ever since.
    Hope your sleep pattern improves soon. Lack of sleep makes you feel awful doesn’t it?

  3. Z Post author

    I overslept this morning – I’d been awake in the night, but slept in until after 9 o’clock and had to rush around! It took me all morning to feel myself as a result.

    Oh Sandy, i do sympathise. I’d been dismayed at the weight I’d put on and it’s been a long road back to being slim. Six years ago, I was nearly 16 kilos (Kippy, that’s around 35 pounds)more than I am now. In fact, I didn’t set out to lose the last few pounds. I do think that you should buy nice clothes though (not expensive, that’s a one-off for me) that flatter your shape, whatever it is, and take pride in looking good – even if it’s not exactly what you want to be, it’s worth making the most of yourself.

  4. Roses

    I’m also going through a bad period of wakefulness in the night.

    Not helped by a certain feline who wants to go out in the middle of the night (if he’s in) or come in (if he’s out).

    Having seen the photos elsewhere, I think you’ve made cracking choices. You will look absolutely lovely come the day.

    Can’t wait to see you fully decked out!

  5. Z Post author

    I’ve never loved an outfit so much. I want Posh Events to wear it to again!

    Hope you sleep better soon. Isn’t it a bugger? I’m disturbing Rupert now, rather than he waking me – but he’s very sweet-natured.


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