5 good things

1 Weeza and co came over for lunch and the afternoon and, if this were the only positive from the day it’d be quite enough.  However….

2 We went down to the churchyard and talked about the style of stone we will have for Russell’s grave.  Weeza and I were in complete agreement – actually, it’s as much what one doesn’t want and choosing from what’s left.

3 We cut some lilac for Russell’s grave.  He always loved lilac.

4 Having put the torts out this morning in their run, I lifted Edweena out into the kitchen garden for a wander.  She loved it.  She legged it down the path and lumbered across the compost heap until she found a patch of dandelions to eat.  Weeza and Zerlina took a big piece of bark off a log and I put it under her cold frame and she approved of that too and has gone to sleep there.

5 Dear friends Rob and Denise asked me round for dinner, with other friends Brian and Judy.  I walked round, it was only ten minutes away – hardly that.  I’ve had a lovely evening and it’s been so nice to be asked.  In the days when we regularly invited friends round – this slipped over the last few years, unfortunately – I usually made sure I asked a single friend, normally a widow, because I knew from my mother’s experience that this doesn’t always happen.  My resolution for the summer is to invite friends over regularly.  I meant to over the winter but I’ve been so busy and not always able to plan ahead.  I’ll put this right in future.  My future is in my hands, after all, DV.

3 comments on “5 good things

  1. sablonneuse

    Just popped round for another catch-up and it;s good to see you busy and looking forward to the party. (Wish I could come too!)
    However, I don’t envy your job of sorting out so much stuff. Just one look in our attic and I close the door quickly. Good luck – it’s an enormous task by the sound of it.

  2. Sharifa

    I love your 5 good things, darling! Sometimes, I get lost in the downside and forget the good things that happen during the day. I’ve been doing a Spring Cleaning around here, so I am in awe of all your accomplishments! xoxoxox

  3. Z Post author

    It’s now or never, Sandy. If I want options about my future, I’ve got to deal with all this now. I don’t want to look at it all despairingly, ten years from now, and wonder how I’ll ever cope. And I’ve got help and goodwill now and am taking full advantage of it.

    Sharifa, I’ve been hanging fire for the last week since I got home, it’s good to get going again. And I’ve got the incentive of the party to get the house ready for, too.


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