More good things

I’ve been encouraged to continue cracking on with stuff today.

1 I’ve had my hair cut.  A monthly haircut is my treat.  I don’t have my hair coloured or anything else done, so it’s not a wild extravagance – not that I’m saying I shouldn’t, just a matter of fact.

2 Then I went round to the stonemason and talked through what I want.  Nice young man called Bob, it was a good thing that Weeza and I had already talked it through as he didn’t give much guidance.  He’s going to get a draft done on the computer and send it through for us to look at and approve. I feel good about this, it’s not been upsetting but rather feels the right thing to do at present.

3 Graham’s son is round again shifting stuff.  His son has come to help with some heavier items so I cheekily asked them to take a very big, heavy wardrobe down to the outbuilding.  I don’t want it at all, Russell used it and it is massive.

4 There were some drawers full of old clothes, most of which I’ve put in bin bags to take to the charity recycling point in the village.  Having done that, I emptied another chest of drawers too.  I have to admit, two spare bedrooms are now chaotic, but I’ll deal with that.

5 James wanted to buy one of Russell’s shotguns and gave me a cheque today.  I need a new strimmer, it’ll pay for that.  He is going to speak to the gunsmith about the others (as a crack shot, Russell had rifles as well as shotguns – he never used the latter as he wasn’t into clay pigeon shooting and didn’t kill for sport) and they will be sold too.

6 The wine has been delivered.

7 I have bought monkfish and smoked trout.

8 This afternoon, I will sow courgette and squash seeds.

9 The weather has turned warm and sunny.  It’s just what a late spring English day should be.

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