Z thinks about the blog party and finds a big stone

The blog party is three weeks from today, on Saturday, 30th May.  Most past guests have said they can come and I’m really looking forward to seeing you.  As ever, you’re very welcome to stay, please let me know.  Lunch may well be similar to last year’s, if you don’t mind – that is, cold.  If anyone would like to offer to bring anything, a salad or pud or whatever, that would be very kind, but please don’t feel obliged.  There will be at least one new guest and, as ever, all are welcome.  Email me if you haven’t been before and need directions.

Lovely Graham is still turning out.  He had no idea of the scale of the job but is resolutely plugging on, though I’ve assured him that he doesn’t need to do all that work, he is determined to do it for me.  I am doing my bit inside the house, but all he wants from me is decisions.  So if there’s the contents of a building he’s going to dispose of, he just needs me to say if there’s anything I want to keep.

Today, I was very pleased because I looked in a bag and recognised the back of a large piece of bluejohn that I’d been looking for for a long time.  Russell had put it down in a barn years ago and, by the time I asked about it, he’d put so much other stuff down there too that he couldn’t find it again.  There had been no reason to put it there in the first place, of course.  Anyway, Graham hadn’t turned it over and had assumed it was a massive flint or something.  I said there had been a stand and, remarkably, he remembered having seen an odd-shaped piece of brass that he had been unable to identify.  So he rootled around and now it’s back in the house.

For my part, I have sold Russell’s sit-on mower and 145 wickerwork hanging baskets, so that’s removed some clutter.  Other disposals are ongoing.  The house may well still be a bit of a work in progress when you come, but when one turns out attics and cupboards, it isn’t always possible to find a home for everything straight away and I am resolved that only things I want to keep will be stored in the long term.

The job is unbelievable.  It will be done, though I couldn’t manage without help.  My children are pleased with me, however, because I am getting on with the job and really making very little fuss, most of the time.

Today’s 5 good things –

I was paid for the baskets at 50p each and bought food for the weekend on the proceeds.

The bluejohn was found.

i made lovely multi-grain bread and a fruit cake.

I did boiled salt beef and carrots for dinner, with Jersey Royal potatoes and asparagus, followed by rhubarb out of the garden.

Stevo came and did some gardening for me and I’ve potted up some plants.


3 comments on “Z thinks about the blog party and finds a big stone

  1. Z Post author

    Onwards, John, one day I’ll be able to say upwards too!

    I trust so, Di – we’ll raise a glass or two to absent friends, certainly.


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