Z comes home, by way of The Hollybush

The problem about going away is that you have to come home – and the problem is not with home, but with what’s been happening.  But that will wait until another day to be told, let’s get up to date first.

Jon has been so hospitable and I’ve had a really great time.  He introduced me to lots of his friends and they’ve kindly hoped I’ll visit again.  Ludlow is a delightful town with lots of excellent food shops and restaurants and the castle is pretty good – ruined, but they let you wander about as much as possible.  I have photos, but haven’t looked at them yet.  It’s still privately owned and you can tell.  The town is surrounded by woods and hills and they are all well walked – honestly, I wouldn’t mind living there, it’s lovely.

I’ll write more another day, I have emails to catch up on tonight.  So just one picture, of me and  John G, who I called on in time for lunch – I know, darlings, how convenient.  I look a bit wrinkly of dress and shiny of face, but I had a very good lunch in excellent company, so hope you’ll overlook it.

John and Zed

5 comments on “Z comes home, by way of The Hollybush

  1. Z Post author

    Mike, no wonder I like you so much! And Rog, John did better that I did, I clashed a bit. But at least the wrinkles don’t show above the waist, so I don’t feel in the least awkward.

    And you, John – only three hours away, first time but not the last! xx


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