Z has an uphill struggle

Jon is on the phone to his girlfriend.  ‘I think Zoë was impressed with the size of the hill,’ he said. It’s true. He had to wait quite a number of times for me to catch up, sometimes because I’d stopped for a rest. I devised a rule for myself. I didn’t stop just because I was tired, but when I could actually hear my pounding heart. But, with great resolution, I never once asked how much further it was to the top. And I did get to the top and my hips don’t hurt, so it’s altogether a Good Thing.

I didn’t leave home yesterday until nearly 1 o’clock, having arranged with JohnG that I will call on him on my way home on Thursday instead of on my outward journey yesterday. As some of you advised, I waited to be sure the storm had cleared before setting out, although it passed us within a slightly blustery hour, from around 8.30 that morning.  It was really good to see Jon again after about 6 years – he used to live in Yagnub, in a flat opposite Al’s shop and, although we never knew each other that well really, we always got on.  He suggested a few months ago that I come and visit, when I told him I’d never visited Ludlow, and this week was about my only opportunity this year.

He works from home, so is kindly organising his time to spend some with me. Last night, he insisted I join him and said girlfriend for dinner at a very nice local restaurant, we went for a long walk this morning as I have already said, he worked while I had a nap this afternoon after lunch in the local Thai restaurant and we are going for supper with friends tonight, who have kindly included me in the party.

I have put some photos on Facebook, but since they were taken on the phone and I’m writing this on the pad, I will probably have to add them when I get home.

I understand we are climbing another hill tomorrow morning. And then going for breakfast at a fine local café. Ludlow is known for fine places to eat and equally fine food shops. I will do some shopping before I come home.

8 comments on “Z has an uphill struggle

  1. Mike Horner

    What with your experiences of precipitous hills in Shropshire and ours in Devon, I am becoming even more convinced that East Anglia is the only reasonably civilised place to live.

  2. Rog

    It’s a Citislow so slow is OK. Lovely place. I wonder if they still remember that kerfuffle in the Youth Hostel in 1965?

    I’ve never understood why it wasn’t called Ludhigh.

  3. Z Post author

    I suppose it’s low compared to the hills, Rog. And it really is lovely, I’d like to come back this way and explore further. Jon has been recommending cheeses and I’m going to visit the shop in the morning before I leave, as well as other food shops.
    I’ve enjoyed the different scenery, and even enjoyed the uphill walking that has been needed to see it. But I’m not sure I could keep it up long term!
    I’ve been eating no more than usual, I think, largely because I’ve not had breakfast before going out – strenuous exercise on a full stomach really would be a mistake!


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