Oak ay

I’ll catch up in due course, just today’s bits and pieces.

Finance meeting, where the auditor nitpicked to the nitpickingest degree and then congratulated our director of finance on her fine work.  It hadn’t felt like that, we felt thoroughly criticised.  When one reads about how schools embezzle funds, one wonders how.  We go by the book, check and double check and are still asked to explain every penny.  I was way out of my depth, can read a balance sheet and understand much of the finances, but I reached the switching-off stage, far too hard.  However, a précis having been written, my poor brain is catching up again, albeit creaking and groaning,

This afternoon, we went to see Weeza and the floor.  By the end of the day, the sitting room floor was completed and looks wonderful.  Solid oak, a lovely colour and finish, suitable for under-floor central heating, guaranteed 30 years.  Far better than tiles or carpet, we couldn’t be more pleased.

Then Weeza and I visited an old friend of mine.  She’s just moved in with her daughter and is a lovely lady who I’ve been friends with for about 20 years.  She is now 91 and can’t manage alone – in the early stages of dementia, no one would know it except for occasionally forgetting a word, she’s still her delightful self.  Her daughter and Weeza got on well too, she has lived in the village for a couple of years and is very pleased to know her mum has friendly contacts.  Weeza and Phil are thrilled with the village – a Trick or Treat evening was lovely, starting at the village pub where they’d laid on free activities for the children, then off around the village.  People had dressed up as witches and so on, welcomed the children in via apple bobbing, offered popcorn and bat’s blood, which I suspect was Ribena but which alarmed Zerlina into refusal (though she apple-bobbed in a stranger’s porch) and they felt warmly welcomed.  Only 200 houses in the village, but a school and a pub and great community spirit.

Whole lots of work this evening, I must get on – hope all’s well with you, I will read blogs sometime over the weekend.

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  1. Zain

    Bah, this is the third Halloween in my new London flat and not a single Trick or Treater has come round. There are plenty of kids nearby so either their parents don’t bother taking them out or the fact that I’m in an apartment building puts them off. Unless perhaps they are too busy smoking / drinking / twerking / texting / whatever it is that pre-teens do. I would say the chocolate I bought for them was in good faith but, given the previous years’ track record and the completely irrelevant fact that actually I’d eaten my way through 90% of it before the 31st anyway, I can’t.


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