38. Wot, not 42?

My jar of jam is no. 38 of 78.  But in another way, it was 77 of 78 and, as I said yesterday, Dilly had the last one.  It brings together the best of raspberry, strawberry and redcurrant, it truly is delicious.

I read something in the paper yesterday that disconcerted me, accidentally threw it away this morning and have now rescued it, so I will quote.

A study for a finance house suggests that the most generous family member is the mother-in-law, and people who received cash from theirs were given, on average, £3,093.  Brothers came second on the list for GE Capital Direct, with people who had received money from a brother in the past year getting £1,598.  Fathers came third (£1,370), mothers were fourth (£883) and grandfathers fifth (842). 

I’m really glad that grandmothers weren’t mentioned.  With three children-in-law and three children, I already seem to be down by almost £12k.  I didn’t think I was ungenerous with the birthday presents, but over three thousand pounds?  Gosh.

My chum Graham is coming over tomorrow to shift some stuff from a too-big bonfire pile.  Then I’ll light what’s left and we can gradually put the shifted stuff back.  I have a lot more, that is destined for a bonfire night party.  It’ll be jolly, assuming the weather is kind – and if not, it’ll be jolly.  We will just toast Grandpa indoors.  Russell’s father’s birthday was 5th November and (though it wasn’t his first name but his second) he was always known as Guy – so we never burned an effigy, it didn’t seem quite right in his lifetime.

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