It needed to be done, but it was ghastly.  I cleaned the carpet where Eloise cat had used it as a toilet, repeatedly.  Honestly, there must have been at least 20 little dumps. My cleaners had picked up what they could, but it had sort of welded itself into the pile.

I took the steam cleaner and fired it up – I was gagging within moments and had to go and fetch a face mask.  The carpet has suffered somewhat, but it’s along the edge and won’t show much.  It’s quite old, it’s the big rug, some 18 foot by 12 foot, that my in-laws used as a dining room carpet and that has since been used in Ronan’s bedroom.  I have steamed it, cleaned off the solids (sorry), washed it with detergent and rinsed and have left it to dry.  I expect I’ll have to wash it again, then use an odour neutraliser and then a pet repellant.

Bloody cat.  It’s all been since that beastly tabby RasPutin has been bothering us at night, she is nervous of going out after dark.  She has a litter tray but, for reasons unknown, stopped using it.  She had to last night though, she asked to go through to the spare bedroom but I laughed in her pretty little face.

After this was over, I went and had a long, hot bath, lying full-length in the water until I felt the horridness of the experience leaving me.  I am concerned that I can’t entirely trust her to not do it again, though.  It’s a big house and I suppose she doesn’t yet feel that it’s all in the same territorial category.

Steam cleaners are the business.  It would have been even worse without it.

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  1. Chairwoman Ros

    The answer is vodka. Sorry, Sweetie, not for you, but for the carpet, mixed in equal parts with a good biological washing liquid in a bucket of water. About 1/4 bottle cheap vodka, no need for Stolychnoya here, similar amount persil/ariel in a bucket of water, use mop, well squeezed, and wipe over whole carpet. Then close door and give cat the fi ger, so to speak.

    Trust me this works. I used this method originally after the last of Cleo’s 10 puppies left us. I beleve I got the tip from Katie Boyle’s handy tips in the TV Times. ?.

    1. Z Post author

      Wonderful, thank you so much – what would I do without you? I’ve investigated the larder and I do have a part-filled bottle of Co-op own brand vodka that I’d used (the rest of) for making a lemon liqueur, so I will have a go.

    1. Z Post author

      I certainly don’t like RasPutin, but I love Eloise. I’m dismayed at this, though. Once I’ve installed the new cat flap, at least I won’t have to lock it at night, so Eloise can go out if she wants to – and if she dares to.

  2. Kipper

    We have a new kitten here. Quite the adventure. He thinks everything should be climbed-including the humans. He also has a voracious appetite and wants to eat all the time.
    One thing I have heard from cat experts is to have two litter boxes per cat. Maybe you could try this if Eloise continues to have errors, despite the evil rasPutin no longer entering the house.

    1. Z Post author

      I haven’t kept up with your news, I’ll write to you, Kippy! I do have two litter trays, but one is upstairs and one down – I have thought of getting yet another and putting it through in that bedroom, I want to keep the downstairs one in case she wants to use it in the winter weather. I keep most doors shut in winter to save draughts, so she won’t have quite such freedom of movement then.

      New cat flap has arrived, all I have to do now is fit it!


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