Z shops and cooks. No change there, then.

I’ve ordered the cat flap and Eloise has been chipped.  RasPutin the evil tabby has cost me £125 over this – the only flap that fits the hole in the door is a £93 jobbie.  Eloise was supremely good at the vet’s, didn’t protest when a very large needle was thrust in her neck and calmly strolled back into the carrier afterwards.  She is going back next week to check it’s lodged all right – though actually, the cat flap won’t work if it hasn’t, so i may be able to cancel the appointment.

I have also ordered a new fridge.  I’ve got two at present and neither of them is in great shape. One, that is meant to be frost-free, started frosting up about a year ago, so clearly the thermostat is on its way out.  The other is very old, the seal on the freezer part isn’t great so that freezes up and the light has gone out.  It also isn’t as cold as it used to be, so I use it for relatively non-perishable stuff, such as drinks and preserves.  The space I have isn’t as big as I’d like and there isn’t a lot of choice in narrow fridges – I was talking to Roses about it today, I might get a carpenter in and do a bit of revamping in the kitchen to make a little more room.  Though if I do, that will leave a wallpaperless patch on the wall – it will be hidden by the fridge, but I must think it all through.  I have wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom because they’re the least likely rooms for it.  I don’t like to be too sensible.

Darling Indigo Roth and his other half called in this afternoon on their way home from a weekend break, so I made some scones.  I’m on a scone kick at present.  We had them with some of the jam I bought on Sunday, which is gorgeous.  It was made as a fairly small batch (each jar is numbered, I must look up what my number is) for a special do that the maker went to in the summer and she sold off the rest afterwards.  She had jars open of all her jams and I tasted this one and really loved it – it’s a mixture of raspberry, strawberry and redcurrant.  She only had two jars left, so I snapped up one and Dilly bought the other.

Having sent out the catalogues for the auction on the 28th of this month, I’ve been getting some lovely emails in return.  I haven’t answered many of them yet, I must do that in the next day or so.  I’ve got a couple calling in tomorrow to look at one of the lots.  I have several more jobs to do before the sale and must confirm who is helping on the day, too.  It’s all a bit nerve-wracking, being responsible for everything on my own.

3 comments on “Z shops and cooks. No change there, then.

  1. tim

    Numbered limited edition jam? You should have kept yours unopened, you could have auctioned it at Sotheby’s in five years’ time.

  2. Z Post author

    Too good. I will sacrifice the millions in favour of good food. Only reason to hang on would have been its improvement through ageing, but this is jam, not wine. And I shared, I didn’t hog it for myself. I think I’m beyond criticism, really 🙂


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