Z’s weekend

Back home again – the little ones stayed here with me on Friday and Saturday and I drove them home on Sunday, gave them their tea and put them to bed, then had dinner ready for Phil and Weeza when they arrived back shortly afterwards, in time to kiss the children goodnight.

Ronan and Dora came over on Saturday with their little niece, whose mum was in London for the weekend too.  We all went down to the village playground, it was a warm and sunny day.  There was a football match on.  Not in the playground itself, obvs.

Ro and I had a really good chat, it was lovely.  I told him I’m going to London next week, to the Impressionist exhibition at the National Gallery.  I’m meeting a blog friend there and then we’re having lunch together.  Ro was interested and we talked about art and stuff, he asked if I’d ever been to Sir John Soane’s house, which I have, so we enthused in a splendidly bonding mother and son way.  He’d been as pleased with the sarcophagus in the basement as I was, and as thrilled by all the Hogarths upstairs.

Zerlina had asked for steak for Saturday night because, as she said, she’d never had steak and wondered if she’d like it.  In the end, she changed her mind because we’d eaten quite a lot during the day and we just had pasta and pesto.  The pesto was home made, I’d taken it out of the freezer a couple of days earlier and then not eaten it, so it wanted using.  So the next night, I cooked steak and lamb chops for everyone.  Z and Gus shared a steak and had a chop each, with fried potatoes.  It’s amazing, how much food two small children can pack away.  They had yoghurt afterwards.  And fruit.

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  1. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Z,

    We have rather lost touch since you emigrated to WordPress and we are only organised with our Blogger reading list. But, through the comment which you left for us, we have now reconnected.

    We have been so sorry to read of the death of your husband. You shared many wonderful years together but, we are certain, that does not reduce in any way the sense of loss which you must feel. To be surrounded by a loving family must be a support and comfort to you and they will, we are sure, be a great encouragement for you to explore and encounter life’s great adventures which are still out there waiting for you.

    We too love the Soane Museum but it is now several years since we were last there. We have always wanted to be brave enough to decorate with that vibrant shade of yellow used in the drawing room. Who knows……perhaps in Norwich?

    Thank you so much for popping in to our blog. We shall hope not to lose touch again. Strange that we shall now be sharing the same county……but, in our case, we shall be very infrequent visitors.

    1. Z Post author

      How kind of you, Jane and Lance. Thank you – yes, last year was very difficult and worrying, as Russell lost a huge amount of weight for no apparent reason. Nothing could have been done, even if they’d found the cause earlier, though.
      Norwich Is a delightful city, I hope you will enjoy exploring it. Maybe we will see each other one day.


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