Z misses her turn

I’m back with Zig and co, at present in bed with Indi, Bertie and Eva, with Arthur (I think, I always have to look twice to check Arthur or Gary) on the window seat.  I suppose Eloise is gracing Zig with her company.

It was an uneventful trip down, though I absent-mindedly missed the turnoff to the M4 and had to go the few extra miles via the M3. This didn’t matter, it wasn’t far, but they’re upgrading the M3 to a smart motorway (I’ve no idea, I’ll google it when I’ve got time on my hands) and so they’d narrowed the lanes while they’re doing the work and put a 50 mph speed limit for ten miles or so.

I listened to a radio programme at the start of the journey about the concern regarding the number of accidents that young, newly qualified drivers have. At one point they compared the rules in this country – in short, once you’ve passed your test, that’s it and you’re good to go – with other countries that have a more gradual introduction to driving, such as restrictions to speed or passengers or a need to pass another test after gaining more experience.

I always wish they’d go the extra mile (see what I did there?) and give a better comparison in these instances. For example, they said the percentage of accidents that involve very young drivers, but they disn’t give a similar figure for the other countries. At one point, something was said about a 35% (I think) reduction in accidents in another country, possibly Australia – but 35% of what was not mentioned. And one suggestion, of a curfew, wasn’t thought through at all. Not driving after dark is all very well, but dark varies according to the time of year. And the driver could be caught out some way from home, how to get back if the journey takes longer than expected?

I was struck by how well people were driving, in fact. Nothing to fault really, I thought. Except me missing my turning and driving too far along the M25, of course.

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