Z’s week so far in pictures

A bit short of time tonight, so here are some fairly random pictures –

 This is my idea of what to do with the wall (it’s not curved, it’s a panoramic view)
This is the Sage’s.  You can see, perhaps, what I battle against.

 Fishmongers’ Hall from the garden
And the garden from the Hall
 As JaneRowena says, there used to be a choir school here and a famous recording was made in the Temple Church.
A couple of names I recognise, Walford Davies in particular, and I see that there was a woman organist at the end of the 18th Century
 The chickens tried to hide their eggs.  We found them.  With the ones in the nestbox, that made 35 found in one day.  H’mm
She’s rather a bully, but she follows me around, so I’m fond of her.

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