Z’s Sunday

Excellent to see Ro and Dora today and we all over-ate hopelessly.  Ro took the rest of the sticky toffee pudding home with him, very kindly, to save me from temptation.  What a good son.

I’ve met the new Rector and his family – that is, he hasn’t taken up the reins yet but will in another week – and they all are delightful.  I’m finding it disconcerting that so many people in positions of authority are so much younger than I am – not just a few years, but a whole generation.  The next Headteacher of the school and the new Rector are both younger than two of my children.  I don’t suggest that this is in any way a bad thing, it’s just a bit sudden, this  skipping of twenty years.  What’s happened to people in their forties and early fifties?

We had a phone call a little while ago which has saddened us, from the son of old friends.  He rang to say that his father died today.  We went to call on Herman and Joyce a few months ago and were sad then, to see how their minds were fading – we were told that he had vascular dementia and she had Alzheimer’s and was in a rather worse way.  They managed in their own little flat in a residential complex – just a sitting room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen – with help.  Joyce was not capable of cooking any more and couldn’t quite cope with making tea for us all, though she knew to offer it and fill the kettle and put it on.  I had to get things ready while she wasn’t looking, because she hospitably wanted to do it all herself.  She’s poorly herself and in hospital at present, and we can’t wish her to live too long without him.  Together, they could help each other and be companions, but she will be lost now.  Russell knew them first in 1961 when he first lived in Ipswich and they’ve been friends ever since, Herman being about five years older than he is, so he feels quite solemn this evening.

Ben is watching television at present, because there’s a programme about dogs – it’s about homeless dogs being rescued and taken to animal sanctuaries in Los Angeles.  Ben’s nose is almost touching the screen, but I’m keeping an eye on him, in case he gets upset or confused.

5 comments on “Z’s Sunday

  1. Beryl Ament

    On a visit back home I took my husband to my old parish church. I described the elderly, somewhat chubby clergyman with the fringe of white hair who had been there during my youth. The current youthful vicar came out to greet us wearing jeans. He told us he had been fundraising for St. George’s by jumping out of planes.

  2. tim

    All the doctors I’ve seen recently have looked young to me, but that’s because I’m older. Even Bee’s doctor is about to retire, and he’s only sixty.

    Does Ben need glasses?

  3. Z Post author

    I’ve read that most dogs are short-sighted, but I think he’s just being friendly.

    I don’t mind them all being younger than I am – it’s not surprising, really – but 20+ years is pushing it, for a position of authority!


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