I’d forgotten all about the five things posts…

1 A governors’ meeting today, most of which was taken up by training on e-safety.  One of the best training sessions I’ve ever been to, very engaging chap who knew his stuff and put it across with humour, briskly, everything pertinent.

2 Two dreadful nights’ non-sleep, two or three hours as it was getting light.  I hope I sleep better tonight.

3 I’ve done lots of laundry and dried it all in the sun, so it smells lovely.  Fresh sheets on the bed.

4 My lips aren’t swollen any more but are so chapped that it hurts to smile.  And I do anyway, and then they bleed.  I know, darlings, suffering for my good humour.  But you’ve got to laugh, innit?

5 A very busy afternoon tomorrow, but then I’m free!  Huzzah.  And the cleaners are coming at lunchtime tomorrow, so I’ve every excuse to do nothing.

4 comments on “I’d forgotten all about the five things posts…

  1. Mike Horner

    I think the expression ‘got it made’ about describes your lifestyle Z. It’s a phase my grandchildren use , usually about their elders, I’ve never really understood its derivation, but I do understand what it means, and it sounds as if you’ve got……………….


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