Z’s Sunday

1 Played the clarinet.  It was fine.

2 Started to make the crumpets, discovered the recipe called for more milk than I had, so I whooshed off to Johnny’s farm for a litre of his splendid raw milk.  And his splendid raw-milk cheese too.

3 Made crumpets.  This took a while of course, as the first batter had to prove for an hour, then water, salt and baking powder were added and it had to rest again for twenty minutes.  Then I made the crumpets.  They’re enormous, much bigger than I expected.

4 I went for lunch with Roses and the friends she’d invited round for a DVD marathon.  I just had lunch.  I’ve promised to take through crumpets later if they’d like them, but that won’t be for a couple of hours yet.  I’m reckoning on one of the crumpets with the rest of the soup I made the other day for my supper.

5 And now I’m procrastinating.  I have some documents to go through and a meeting to prepare for.  But it’ll only take a couple of hours and I’ve the whole evening, so it doesn’t really matter.  Anyway, I’d rather blog.

Here is a picture of the finished crumpets.  The recipe said 10-12, but it also said to fill the rings just below the top.  I dunno.  Anyway, I trust they will taste good.


3 comments on “Z’s Sunday

  1. three-legged-cat

    The crumpets look good. I love crumpets, but I’ve never tried making them, may have to give it a try. I don’t mind recipes that take a while, as long as it isn’t hours of hands on preparation for a few minutes of eating. Hope you enjoyed the eating part 🙂

  2. Z Post author

    I was really disappointed with the last ones I bought, which were frankly soggy. The actual cooking of them takes a while, though you can do other things in the kitchen at the same time as they take a few minutes but don’t need attention the entire time. Another time, I wouldn’t make them so thick, but I’d have to take the rings off when I turn them over – I’m sure I used to do that when I cooked them in the past.

    I had home made soup with crumpet both for supper last night and lunch today – I’m going to have to incorporate them into meals, too big for a snack!


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